High School Romance.

Ariel, an image of a red-headed mermaid poped into your head, didn't it? Well, that's kind of me. A fiery red head and look alike to Molly Quinn. I just started high school (oh joy.) and I'm so not used to it. What happened to small schools? Oh well, but, I can't really complain. And all of my classes are fairly easy, and every single one of them I share with the most random guy, football jersey number 13. That's what I call him, thirteen. And I think I like him... like, LIKE LIKE him... and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way about me...


29. Chapter Five, Part Six.

I've been waiting here for way too long, I thought, this is just plain insanity.

I moved to get up and leave, but I stopped hearing music echo through the speakers. Boys Like Girls (featuring Taylor Swift) 'Two Is Better Than One'.

I looked up to the stage and the lights dimmed. I sat back down at watched wied eyed asa figure in black walked out. They were holding a poster board and had their backs faced to me.

They held the poster board up;


"What the?" I muttered. I stood up again and the song changed, Charlie Worsham's 'Could It Be'.

The figure turned around and I saw that it was Ryan. He smiled and flipped the poster board around, now it read:


I smiled and laughed. Ryan walked off the stage and over to me, he leaned down and kissed me.

We pulled apart and he smiled. "Your answer?" He handed me a magic marker. I smiled and looked down to the board with the pestering question laying down at our feet.

I knelt down and put a big 'X' on the line next to 'YES'

[ a school day later ]

"So, he asked you?" Stephanie pestered.

"Yes!" I said laughing.

"And what did you say?"


"AHHH! So when are we going dress shopping?"

"Um, I dunno. I can go now. I have no homework and practice was canceled today."

"Cool! I'll come pick you up and we'll walk over! I know the PERFECT place!" Stephanie said. She hung up and I fell backwards onto my bed.

I waited for maybe ten minutes then Stephanie was at my door and leading me over to the dress shop.

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