Boys and Zits


1. Introduction

   Have you ever thought that the boy you  are destined to be with could be closer than you think ?

               this happened to me 2 years ago, Hi my name is Dillon Hunts im 18 years old, i am very athletic,smart,hilarious and people believe me to be " the brains " in school operations as Ive also been told i am great with guys  , i mean all my Best friends are guys except four  . Niall , Liam , Harry , Zayn  and Louis left for an addition on the X-Factor and were really hoping that they'd win or get in second place. Niall is my crush and i find it so awkward that were the same person but im female and he is male but i don't think he has feeling for me :( .

        ~ let me describe to you what they look like~

 Zayn ; black hair with a little fluff on top , very vain , has a mirror habit

Niall; adorable , brunette ( naturally) , sporty , irish

Harry; curly hair , Edward is his twin brother , green eyes

Liam ; looks like harry with his hair, a dirty minded soul , loves toy story

Louis ; abscessed with carrots , partly gay

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