Just A Piece Of Paper

Sarah gets the surprise of a lifetime , and it changes everything . To good of course . It's amazing how a whole life can change with just one piece of paper ...


2. Concert of love

I looked at the tickets in my hand , observing them . We were on the front row , right were I could touch their hands , oh my god . I couldn't wait 4 more hours . The day had gone by fast , I went to work and then I went shopping with Demi . It was pretty fun . Demi helped me with my outfit for tonight , its a dress with red , white , and blue stripes , for my boys of course . The funny thing was , I was already dressed in it , I did my hair , and put my makeup on . I didn't want to be late . 


" Sarah , calm down . We aren't even in the building yet , it's just the parking lot . " Baylee said stepping out of the car . Right now , I could barely breathe . I watched as Demi stepped out as well .

" Can we go ?" I asked them . They nodded and we walked and walked till we found our seats . I smiled from ear to ear , they would be right there in about 40 minutes .  Baylee and Demi sat down and started talking about Justin Bieber .

" I wish Justin was here , you know him and Niall are friends ?" Demi said . I nodded , and Baylee did the same .

" I doubt he would be here . " Baylee said . Demi frowned , but I just kept smiling .

" Hey pretty ladies , here for One Direction ?" a boy asked . He had a beanie and sunglasses on .

" Of course . They won some tickets on the radio , but they aren't a huge fan like I am . Their beliebers ." I said . Baylee and Demi nodded .

" Ah . Beliebers are my favorite . I love them . What do you guys think about Justin ?" the boy asked.

" He's super talented , I think he worked hard for where he is now . I mean even if people don't like him , they need to know his story cause it shows you that anything is possible . You just have to try your hardest . I think that Justin is amazing , he's got a really good heart and that's what I love him for ." Baylee said . The boy smiled .

" And I , thank him . He's saved my life , and her life . Along with 44 million other people. I thank him for putting a smiled on my face . He doesn't know how much he means to us beliebers . I love him so much , I hope he knows that ." Demi said .

" Believe me , he does ." the un-known boy said . 

" What's your name ?" I asked him , his head shot up in panick.

" I'm , um , my name is J-Jason ." He said covering it up with a smile .

" Hey Jason . Nice to meet you ladies . Wanna come meet some friends of mine before the show ?" He asked us .

Me , Demi , and Baylee all looked at each other and nodded . We followed Jason to the back of the stage .


The back of the stage ?

Meaning backstage?!

I kept quiet until I saw the five things I loved most . 






All five of them smiled at me , because of course I was the one with the One Direction t-shirt on.I turned to Jason and smiled .

" Um , Jason , I freaking love you ."

" Call me Justin ." He said laughing . I looked and Demi and Baylee and they froze.

" Wait , Justin let me see your eyes ." Demi said . Justin turned to her and showed her his eyes . 

" Your my idol ." Demi gasped .

" You're even hotter in real life ." Baylee said with her mouth wide open.

" Well , I am quite the ladies man aye? ." he said and winked .

" Yep , totally our idol , Justin Drew Bieber ." Demi said .

" Well I think there are 5 freaking sexy guys over there waiting on me so bye ." I rushed and ran over to my idols.

" Nice to finally meet you Sarah." Liam said . 

" Y-You know my name ?" I asked them . They all laughed .

" Who wouldn't know you ? You're like our biggest fan !" Louis said .

" Which I totally dig ." Harry said .

" You guys are just like I imagined y'all ." I said laughing


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