Just A Piece Of Paper

Sarah gets the surprise of a lifetime , and it changes everything . To good of course . It's amazing how a whole life can change with just one piece of paper ...


1. Best Friend Dinner


 " I can't wait to see y'all !" I exclaimed through my phone . I was pacing around my room trying to find the perfect outfit . 

" Sarah , we saw each other yesterday . " Baylee replied . I giggled shaking my head . Yesterday , we had graduated high school . Throwing your hats in the air was as much fun as everybody said it was .

" Shut up . I just miss you . Is Demi coming ?" I asked . 

" Yeah . I miss her too ." Baylee said letting a laugh escape . I laughed as well . Gasping , I picked up my white lace dress. It was perfect for tonight . 

" Are you wearing a dress ?" I asked her , holding my dress on my body and looking into the mirror.

" Yep . I gotta go ok ? See you there!" She said , then hanging up . I threw my phone on the bed and changed into my dress for dinner . I was very excited about this dinner , I love going out with my friends . I out some makeup on , not much though . I liked being natural , it was suiting. I straightened my hair and applied hairspray . 

" Looking good Sarah ." I said to myself in the mirror , I mentally laughed and walked out my bedroom door . 

" Mom I'm going out with Baylee and Demi !" I yelled walking out the front door . I sat myself in my car and drove off . 


                                                              At Dinner


" Oh my gosh I totally remember that !" I said laughing with the girls . We were talking about 8th grade memories . Cute guys , crushes , funny moments , anything we could think of . 

" I hope your still obsessed with One Direction." Demi said looking at Baylee . I furrowed my eyebrows at them .

" Of course I am . Why ?" I replied still with a confused look . 

" Because we kinda won One Direction concert tickets and meet and greets . We thought you would want them." Baylee said . My eyes went wide .

One Direction Tickets 

One Direction Meet And Greets 

Who wouldn't take that?


" Are you serious ?" I said still shocked . They nodded .

" You have two other tickets ." Demi said . 

" Come with me . Please !" I begged . They looked at each other , giving a little nod .

" Fine , only because we love you ." Baylee said . When she said that my smile was from cheek to cheek , and I wouldn't take it off .

" When is it ?" I asked taking a sip of water . 

" Um , tomorrow night . " Demi said . I spit my water out on the table , but quickly wiped it up. 

" YES YAYYYYYYYY!" I screamed . Baylee & Demi laughed . We eventually got done talking and eating , and I went home . As soon as I got home I ran to my room and plopped on my bed . 




                                                It isn't a dream anymore ..


I thought to myself before falling into sleep , dreaming about them . 

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