Scars & Broken Glass

Sebastian is bullied, hazed and he has a life no one wants. His life is terrible. Pain is a outlet for him, it....helps, most days. And when it doesn't, then he thinks and thinking is never good.....It leads to regrettable actions.


7. Playing It Cool

Playing It Cool;

I set my bag on the counter. I hear a sound. Not good. I open my bag and pull everything out.

"What are you doing?" Vonnie asks me. I throw stuff to the ground in my rush to see what's broken. I pull out the last shirt, I folded it around a picture frame. I open it. The glass in the frame is broken, and the picture missing.

"DAMN IT! DAMN HIM! HE TOOK IT!" I yell. I open my knife with a flick of my wrist and then whip it at the wall. With a 'Shink' it sticks in the wall. Vonnie flinches. I take a breath and push my hair back from my forehead. I clear my throat. "My apologies." I go over and yank the knife from the wall. The cut in the wall is thin and its going to be hard to cover it. It was a nice throw though.

"Um....Can I ask what that was about?" Vonnie looks afraid.

"I had a picture of my mother." I grip a piece of glass in my hand. I take a deep breath. "My dad killed her, but no one was able to prove it. He went threw my bag and took it." I squeeze the glass harder. The sharp edges cut into my palm. "I loved my mom, she protected me. He must've been drunk when he took the picture, the glass is broken."

Blood drips to the floor, from my hand. Vonnie carefully comes over and takes my hand in hers. She opens my hand and takes the glass, placing it on the counter. She looks up at me. She laces her fingers with my bloody ones. I pull her to me. She wraps her free arm around my waist and I put my free hand on her lower back. I start to rub her back. Slowly I lean my head down, on to her shoulder.

Tears leak from my eyes. I sob into her hair. "What's the matter?" She try's to pull away, but I hold her close. She starts to hum a song. Broken Glass by Three Days Grace. Slowly she sings the lyrics. She stops. I let her pull away. "Come on." She still holds my bloody hand. I put my knife in my pocket. She leads me up stairs. Down a hall. To a bed room.

"This is my room." She lets go of my hand and goes to a different room. I hear water. It must be a bathroom. I just stand their. She comes out with a towel. Its damp. She takes my hand and starts to clean it. I just stair at the ground. She wraps it in gauze.

She yawns. "I'm going to bed, you should sleep to. You can sleep in here." She goes into the bathroom to change. She lays down, I shut the light off. I sit on the edge of the bed and stroke her back. She falls asleep quickly. I stand and take my shirt off. I lay next to her, but I just cant sleep. I grab my knife and go out onto the balcony she has. I leave the door open slightly and the curtains shift in the breeze.

I lean against the cold stone rail. I open my knife and shut it, over and over. Thinking about what happened today. I look down at my wrists and flick my knife open again. I place the blade on the clean place at the end of my hand, at the base of my arm. I feel the cold steel. I shiver.

*SLAM* I fall to the ground, but keep hold of my knife. Someone slammed into me. He oomph's and pushes me onto the ground, and grabs my shoulders. I open my eyes. Brent. He bares his teeth at me.

"I came here to check on Vonnie and I see you out on her balcony, half naked, looking pleased with yourself. Your a damn back stabber! You were seeing her all along weren't you?! WERENT YOU!?"

I shake my head. I whimper "No. I got kicked out of my house, she say me and is letting me stay the night. I never thought of her being mine, or being hers. Brent, she was always your girl....." He looks at me and then he punches me in the face.

Nothing. I start to laugh a little. "Why are you laughing at me?"

"You think pain and bullying will solve all your problems but it wont!"

I yell, we had been whispering but I yelled. I'm sick of it.......all of dad and his bitches.....of being Brent's bitch......everything.....I feel the handle of my knife in my hand.....

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