Scars & Broken Glass

Sebastian is bullied, hazed and he has a life no one wants. His life is terrible. Pain is a outlet for him, it....helps, most days. And when it doesn't, then he thinks and thinking is never good.....It leads to regrettable actions.


2. Help


I move my fingers from my face and open my eyes a slit. Just enough to see.

An angel is kneeling next to me. I take her in with a glance before I shut my eyes again.

Her beauty....was....unbelievable, it took my breath away.

Dark hair, with white stripes. Pale but not overtly pale. Caring green eyes. Her hair is the opposite of mine, which is white with black stripes.

"Can you hear me?" Her voice was soft and careful, like she thought before she spoke.

I nodded slightly. She let out a breath. "Come on, lets get you some ice cream and music."

I opened my eyes and asked "The hell is wrong with you?"

"Nothing, when ever I'm feeling bad I eat tons of ice cream and listen to music. Now, come on."

She helped me up, once I was standing and slightly steady she bent over, giving me a nice view of her ass. I quickly looked away and pulled my sleeves over my hands and hugged myself lightly.

She straightens and hands me my IPod. "Here, I'm sorry its broken. I feel like its my fault you got hurt and I don't even know you!"

"Why do you feel guilty? You couldn't have done anything. My name is Sebastian." I put out my hand, keeping my wrist and half my hand covered with my sleeve. She takes my hand and says "Now I know your name, but not your story." She winks and smiles at me.

"I feel guilty because if I hadn't waited for my friends, who never showed up, I could have helped you. Ok, I want some ice cream. Lets go." She leads me down the street to the local ice cream shop, Lucas' Ice, Lucas owns it. He's a friend of a friend.

We step inside and I pull up my hood. I put my head down and walk over to a empty booth away from the windows. She fallows. "What ice cream do you want?" She takes out a wallet but I put my hand out, but jerk back when my wrist is uncovered.

"Um...I'll pay. So, what do you want?" Awkward. "Aww, your sweet, anything with chocolate, no nuts though." She wrinkles her nose in the cutest way. I walk up to the counter and look at the ice cream.

"Hay, Sab. What you getting for you and your girl?" Lucas asks. "Not my girl. Large bowl of everything chocolate, no nuts for her, and my usual."

"All right, Ben, get that. $8, Seb." I nod and hand him a ten. "Keep the change?" He asks. I nod again.

A moment or two passes and he hands me the two larges. I walk over to the table. She is sitting their on her phone, she puts it away as I sit down. I pass her the ice cream. "Oh, gosh, what.....?" He pokes the mound of chocolate ice cream with her spoon.

I laugh lightly. "I told them to give you a bit of everything with chocolate in a large cup, but no nuts, Ben has a problem. He loves chocolate, so he tries to make everyone else love it." She giggled. "I never told you my name, its Vondra, everyone calls me Vonnie though. What did you get?"

I take a spoonful of my ice cream, "Pumpkin and Moose tracks."

"What?" She takes a bite of whatever was on top and smiles at me. "The pumpkin ice cream is nutmeg-y and cinnamon-y tasting. I dunno how to describe the taste. Moose tracks is chocolate in vanilla, its good with the pumpkin." I spoon some pumpkin up and reach across the table to give her a bite. I notice my sleeve is starting to move from my wrist. I need to get longer shirts next week, I guess. I internally flinch as she leans forward to take the spoon.

She reaches past my hand and grabs my arm. She looks at me and I try to pull away but she is strong."I keep noticing you pull.....oh...why?"

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