Scars & Broken Glass

Sebastian is bullied, hazed and he has a life no one wants. His life is terrible. Pain is a outlet for him, it....helps, most days. And when it doesn't, then he thinks and thinking is never good.....It leads to regrettable actions.


6. Curb-Side Sighs

Curb-Side Sighs;

I walk down the street and then sit on the curb. I open my pack. On the top of the set of cloths is a knife. I pull it out. I open it up. I feel the blade, still sharp. I roll my sleeve up. I  know I promised, but the steel calls. I lay the flat of the blade against the skin on my left arm. It's cold.

So many scars. Is their room for one more? The base of my hand has a clear spot. I move the blade down their.

"Sebastian!" Someone yells. I flick the knife shut and toss it in my pack, rolling down my sleeve I turn. "Yeah?" I ask, not seeing who yelled. "Over here, silly!" I turn just as someone slams into me. "Oomph." We fall over. Soft skin. Warmth. Lips, by my ear. Giggling.

I wrap my arms around her. Its Vonnie. I roll carefully, so she is on top of me. She rest's her head on my chest. "I thought you had to go home?"

"I did, but my dad kicked me out for a few days. I usually stay at the ice cream shop, in the back. I just didn't feel like walking all the way their, so I sat down." I shrug. She sighs. "Well, you can stay with me. My mom and dad are out of town, again." She stands, she grabs my hand and forces me to my feet. I shut my bag and throw it over my shoulder.

Movement. I whip around. Nothing. I saw something, or someone, running. I watch a little longer. "Come on, guard dog. While at my house we can fix you up. You still haven't gotten any medical help." She grabs my hand and starts down the street.

"I live at the other end of town." I pull her to a stop. "I live here, let me get my car." I run up my driveway, and into the garage. My car is kinda shitty, but it could be worse. I open the garage door and then get in my car. I pull out and then stop by her. "Get in."

She gets in my car. It's weird. A girl, a beautiful girl, in my car. Weird. "Where too?" I ask her.

"Fallen Street. Number 164." I nod and start down the street. It takes a while to get to her house. She lives right by the town line.

I pull up out side the house. "So. Now what?"

"You come inside." She gets out, and waits for me. I grab my pack from the back seat and get out. Her house is large, very large. Mc-Mansion type.

She leads me up to the door. She unlocks it and I fallow her inside. Its even bigger inside than out. "Wow. Its just you and your parents?"

"Usually just me. My parents go out of town a lot." She shrugs, but I can see the hurt in her eyes. "Got any food?" I ask, trying to make her feel better. She nods and walks down a hall. I fallow, still shocked by her house.

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