Scars & Broken Glass

Sebastian is bullied, hazed and he has a life no one wants. His life is terrible. Pain is a outlet for him, it....helps, most days. And when it doesn't, then he thinks and thinking is never good.....It leads to regrettable actions.


4. A Second Kind Of Safe

A Second Kind Of Safe;

Silence. It was quiet before but they were whispering and talking quietly. But now, now its dead silent. A hand intertwines with mine. I look up and see Vondra. Tears run down her cheeks but she is silent. Silently Strong.

I look at Brent. He looks scared, "Why didn't you"

"Why didn't I ever do anything?" He nods.

"Maybe because I was afraid. You threatened me enough. And you are the important football player, and they would believe you and think I was just seeking attention. Really, though....." I take a deep breath and keep my voice even. "All I wanted to get away but I just couldn't go....all the way..."

Brent looks away. "I know sorry could never fix anything we did....but I'm really sorry, you don't even know. I'm so sorry. Is their anything I can do? Please, if their is, let me know."

I shake my head. "Their is nothing you can do, just leave me alone. That's all I ask." Vondra squeezes my hand. I lightly squeeze back.

I realize they are still feeling my arms. I slowly pull back. I pull my sleeves down and rub my arms. "Alright. I think we are done. All I want is to be left alone." I pull out my iPod and flinch. "And maybe a few bucks to help pay to fix my iPod." Brent nods and pulls out a few $20's. He passes it to me.

"Hey, Sebastian, I'm really sorry about everything. We will leave you alone. I promise, if you have any problems, tell me." I nod, but I wont.

Everyone stands. A couple guys pass me some money. I have over eighty dollars. Good. I can get my iPod fixed fast.

Vondra stays and slides closer to me. She takes my hand again and pulls my sleeve up. She studies my arm in the low light. "I love your scars. They make you who you are."

Shock. I feel shock. She bends her head closer, I think to get a better look but instead she kisses my wrist, the first and deepest scar on my right arm. My left one is crisscrossed. I make a fist around her hand.

She raises her head a bit and looks at me from under her lashes. "Please don't do it anymore." I nod and gulp. She lifts her head all the way and smiles at me.

I look at my watch and grimace. "I gotta go. My dad'll be pissed I'm home late."

I stand but she grabs my hand, and tugs me back. "Wait." She pulls out a pen. "Call me? We should hang out more." She wrights her number on the back of my hand and then leans forward. I freeze. She places a quick kiss on my cheek.

She laughs at my expression and then she turns me around and gives me a quick shove toward the door.

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