Half Of My Heart.

When popular cheerleader Farrah meets the new exchange student from Great Britain, Louis Tomlinson will it lead to sparks and a relationship or to a life long friendship?


1. New Student?


Farrah's POV 
I woke up to my fave song half of my heart by John Mayer. Today is going to a great day I thought to myself. Today is Friday and the cheerleaders are required to wear their uniforms; I walked over to my closet and picked out my cheerleading uniform. I ran to the shower and got in. 

After my warm shower I blow dried my hair and plugged in my curling wand. I walked out of my bathroom and picked my uniform up off the bed and put it on. I then walked back into the bathroom and started to curl my hair, then I brushed my teeth and did my makeup. I sprayed my hair with hairspray and walked out of my bathroom. I picked my car keys up off my nightstand and unplugged my iPhone 5 from the ihome. 

I unlocked my pink Lamborghini and hopped in. Then I plugged my phone back in so I could listen to my fave music. On my way to school I stopped by Starbucks and picked up a Carmel Macchiato. I pulled into the school parking lot at 7:50. Good timing I thought to myself. 

I walked to my locker and got out my chemistry book for 1st period. On my way to chemistry I met up with Berry and Quinn. Berry and Quinn have been my best friends since kindergarten. We have been through everything  together,and we share the same common interests. 

"So, have you heard about the British exchange student who is supposed to arrive today?" Berry asked wide eyed. 

"No." I said gaining interest in the conversation. 

"It doesn't matter then." Berry said losing interest in the dull conversation. 

We arrived at class just as the bell rang. Berry,Quinn, and I took our seats in the front row of Mr. Jacobs'  class. Mr. Jacobs was quite good looking, too bad he's married I thought to myself. I was interrupted by the sound of the overhead speaker coming on. 

"Farrah Cassadee, please report to the main office right away." The lady spoke sternly over the intercom. 

I walked to the main office only to find a guy I had never met sitting in one of the office chairs. "Please sit Ms. Cassadee, Principal Tate will see you and the exchange student in a few minutes." Alicia the woman at the desk said, I nodded in agreement. "Principal Tate will see you now,Farrah." Ellie the principal's secretary said to me. 

"Follow me." I gestured to the new boy. He stood up quietly and followed behind me. I stepped into to Principal Tate's office. "Hello Farrah I see you've met Mr. Tomlinson, the new exchange student he will be here for two years." Principal Tate spoke loudly." Since you are head of the welcoming committee you are expected to help Mr. Tomlinson find his classes and help him meet new people." Principal Tate added. 

"No problem!" I said happily smiling. 

"Good luck guys!" Principal Tate said smiling at the two of us. 

I walked quietly out of the main office and into the hallway. "What's your first class?" I asked.

"I have chemistry." He said in a very deep British accent. "Good! Follow me." I said in an enthusiastic tone. "My name is Farrah Cassadee, by the way." I said smiling.

"I am Louis Tomlinson." He said smirking. He is kinda cute I could get used to taking him places. We soon arrived back at Mr.Jacobs' room. "This is Louis Tomlinson he is a exchange student from Great Britain." I said in a cheery voice. Everyone seemed to like him and I knew I liked him. 

The day went really fast after first period. Louis and I have all the same classes and we get along great, Louis is super sweet and cute. I ended up taking him to his house that he was staying at which was my friend Bradley's house. I dated Bradley my freshman year. Big change since then, I laughed to myself. 

"Do you need me to pick you up for school on Monday, Louis?" I asked nicely. "Sure." He said smirking. "See you on Monday, Lou!" I said sweetly "See you Monday, Farrah." Louis said back.

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