Some Accidents are fortunate in life.. One which you cherish throughout your life..
This is one of them.. :)


1. Serendipity


Life is a perfect cocktail,

Some experiences a heroic tale,

Others shake you like a killer whale,

Coming through them to full avail,

Is this the one to make me sail?


Meeting different breeds of people,

Yearning for relationships high as a steeple,

Exploring them from a bird’s eye,

Making me both cry and fly

Is this the one to explain me why?


Love always seemed an illusion,

Claims of Existence lead to confusion,

Emerging feelings real or not,

Leading one to be distraught,

Is this the one featuring a beautiful spot?


Going towards my destination,

Looked at her with eyes fixation,

That Conversation I can’t forget,

Intriguing she was like a mystery set,

Is she the one to make me sweat?


Cherish those crazy late night chats,

Talking incessantly like spoilt brats,

Making those moments memorable,

Wishing they appear again on the table,

Is this going to make me unstable?


Contradicting each other with full aplomb,

Firing those texts like an atom bomb,

Hardly affecting our heartless soul,

Ready were we to rock and roll

Is this going to make me drool?


Stars didn’t exist I believed,

Opposite was what she wanted me to receive,

Sharing same signs felt like a boon,

Channelizing my beliefs towards a sweeter tune

Is she illuminating my life like a full moon?


Confidence in her stride,

Powerful voice being her pride,

Enthusiast she is in her own way,

Such is her incredible display

Is she even close to all this?


Enough of this complimenting shit,

Bitch forever she herself admits,

Rebellious her nature to the core,

Not even close to adore

Is this making me love her even more?


Was never searching for all this crap,

Always seemed like a vicious trap,

Heart a device not in our control,

Attracted towards her like a magnetic pole

Is this all unreal?


Meeting her a fortunate accident,

One which I never lament,

Unexpected, Unparalleled was this adventure,

Gave me smiles this joyous venture

Is this going to last forever?


Serendipity Happens <3!

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