One girl falls under the trap and he grabs a hold of her.


2. Chapter 2.

Mattie's Pov;

          When I parked at the school I looked around at all the different types of people that goes here. There is all types of people, I am pretty sure I will be able to make one friend today. There is the; male jocks, female jocks, the drama squad, cheerleaders, preps, bad boys with tattoos and piercings, and all the people in between. I will most likely be in the between. I walk into the school corridors and go into the main office. Where you can find a woman name Gerdy who is wearing a chiffon floral dress. I walk up to the desk.

          "Hello dear, what's your name?" she asked me politely.

          "Mattie Franks."

           "Nice to meet you Mattie, here is your schedule and locker number plus combination."

           "Thanks!" I smile and walk out.

            This school is pretty big since were in downtown LA. It's a private school, my mother and father both got job transfers from Chicago because their work is opening a new hospital over here and they need more staff here so here we are. I finally find my locker and I also find two people making out right besides it. So what do I do, the obvious.. Duh.

             "EWW PDA!" I scream. People start to look around, and the people that were making out awkwardly walk away. Everyone else in the hallway start bursting out in fits of laughter. I also chuckle myself. This boy walks over to the locker besides me and he starts talking.

              "Hey what's your name? You look new, never seen you around here before."

              I laugh, "I am new. My name is Mattie, what's yours?"

               "My name is Niall, Niall Horan," he says smiling.

               "Nice to meet you Niall, now how do you open these lockers?" I ask because I have been standing at my locker for 10 minutes trying to figure out how to open my lock.

               "You turn it to the left, then right, then left again.." he says. 

                "Oh, I have been doing right, left, right. Hahaha." We both laugh about that for about a minute.

                "Do you need help finding your classes?" he asks gesturing to me looking at the school map trying to find my first class.

                "Yes, thank god someone asked. I have AP Calc first."

                "No way, me too!" He smiles and I nod. "Well get your books and I will show you the way!" I throw all my books into my locker except my Calc book and my binder. I also grab my English book too because I have it after. We start walking down the hallway once I lock my locker. "So what do you have after Calc?"

                 "I have English!"

                  "Oh my god, we probably have the same exact schedule! How much you wanna bet?" he jokes.

                  "I don't have any money so none." We finally reach a classroom and the bell rings right as were walking in. We take our seat and the teacher starts taking role. 

                  After she calls 10 or so names she calls mine, "Miss Franks?" I raise my hand. "Welcome to our school!" she says as she smiles. Everyone else in the class looks at me for a few seconds until she returns back to calling names. "Niall Horan?"

                  "Hey Mrs.Bridges! Nice to see you again this year!" he says and he laughs. She pretty much sends him a death glare. I smile at Niall and he looks at me, "What Mattie?"

                   "Nothing," I blush instantaneously. He raises an eyebrow. "Nothing," I try to sound as convincing as I can. Its just that he is so cute when he talks. Oh my god he is like a hotter Zac Efron. 

                   "Who you thinking about Mat?" Niall asks gesturing as if he can read my mind. 

                   "No one!" He smirks and raises an eyebrow once again. "Fine I was thinking about some one," I try to think of some one, "I was thinking about Zac Efron. He is just so hot!" I screech. He laughs. I was so involved in my conversation i didn't even realize what Mrs.Bridges was speaking about.

                     "Those are my class expectations and I hope you all follow them!" she yells sorta. Just as she finishes what she is saying the bell rings. "Have a nice day."

                    I look at Niall, "Where is the English class room?" 

                   "I will walk you since were best buds now right," he winks at me when everyone is looking. 

                    "Eh, I will find my way," I say. He furrows his eyebrows and hustles off. Suddenly this girl comes up to me and glares at me.

                     "Uh oh, you've been marked," she whispers so that only I could hear and she walks off. I wonder what she means by I've been marked. Could it have anything to do with Niall? I mean is it his appearance? He does have tattoos and he wears quite a bit of black.

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