One girl falls under the trap and he grabs a hold of her.


1. Chapter 1.

Mattie's POV:

             OH HORRAY! High school, the best four years of your life. NOT! I am starting my senior year at a new school and I have NO friends at all. Well this oughta be a great year. Let's hope that I will make friends this year in LA. I guess I should probably pick out an outfit for tomorrow since school starts. So I walk into my brand new closet and look through my dresses. I am trying to find my favorite lace dress, its white and goes about to my midthigh. It has this absolutely adorable belt that goes around the waist to add a pop of color. I guess that will do with some gladiator sandals. Whatever, I better go to sleep.




               So this morning I took a shower and I got dressed in the outfit I laid out last night. I started chowing down my cereal that my mom made for me.

            "I hope you make friends today Mattie," my mother said hopefully. 

             I sighed, "Mom, it's not that easy. It's my senior year and I am just moving to the school, I highly doubt that I will make friends on my first day of school."

             "But sweetie, you are in all AP classes. You are surely going to make friends in those classes too. And what about art and music?"

             "I don't know if that type of people is the people I want to mingle with."

             "What do you mean? Aren't they all the same, breathing and human?"

             "Mom, you know what I mean?"

             "No I actually don't because just because a person is in advanced classes doesn't mean that they don't have any of the same qualities that someone in normal classes have."

              "Thanks Mom, I guess that I had wrong impression about people."

               "You're welcome, you better get going."

               "Okay, love you Mom. Bye!"


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