Forbidden Love


3. Meeting the Boy

After speaking with the Archangels I left but I didn't go straight away to the boy. I explored the town he lived in first to see if there was anywhere I can stay will I protect him. I seen a bar that had the symbol of the angels on the door(only an angel can see the symbol). I walked I and I recognized the man working at the bar. I went and sat down on a chair at the end of the bar. The man came towards me with a drink. He placed it in front of me.

'What are you doing here Clover?' He asked.

'No Hi little sister I've missed you?' I said.

'Hi, Now why are you here?'

'I'm on an assignment and I need somewhere to stay.'

'You can stay in the guest room upstairs'

'Thanks.' I smiled 

'But its not going to be free' He said.

'I'm your sister it has to be free'

'I need help in the bar your gonna have to work for me'

'Damn, what about my assignment? I have to protect him'

'He can come here, his drinks are on the house'

'I don't even know how old he is, What if he's 2 years old?'

'He might be 50 don't be so negative'

'Ugh fine I'll be back later' I said meanly.

I started heading toward where the boy lived. It wasn't so far from the bar. The house was in good shape. I'm surprised it still in good condition because all the demon attacks. I walked up to the door. I was about to knock but then I thought it was to late he would be asleep and his family would freak out or something. I walked around the house until I stopped at a room on the second floor. I let me wings out and flew up to the window. I used my ability to move things to unlock and open the window. I climbed in and folder my wings back in. I looked all around the room and then I saw a boy in the corner. He had a base ball bat in his hand. He came at me but I caught it before it hit me and he fell back and moved back to the corner.

'Please don't hurt me!'

'I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to help'

'Who are you?' He asked

'My name is Clover' I said with a smile.

'Are you like those other monsters that tried to take me?'

'No I'm not a monster'

He started to come out of the corner. He went and sat on the bed. He stared at me for a while. He looked about 18 or 19 but I wasn't sure because it was dark. I scanned his body with my eyes to see if he had any injuries. I seen stained blood on his shoulder sleeve and on his leg.

'Are you hurt?' I asked.

'Yea' was all he said. I walked towards him and he flinched and I stopped and he relaxed. I started to walk closer and he stayed still.

'I'm your guardian angel I'm here to protect you' I said. He just stared at me.

'Can you take your shirt off so I can see your shoulder?' and he nodded.

I looked at his arm and it was bad. My power wouldn't be able to heal it. I have to take him to my brother we could combine and I could heal him.

'This is bad, I'm not going to be able to heal this by myself' I walked over to the window. 'That car in the front is it yours' I asked.

'Yea but why?'

'Just get dressed and pack some clothes, I'll be back I need to speak to your family'

I walked out of his room and went into the room next to his where his parents were. I made them think that their son was on a vacation. I went and looked around the house. He need to get out of here anyway his sent is too strong here, its amazing he's still alive. I went back upstairs and seen that he was ready.

'Lets go we need to leave now' and I turned around and walked back downstairs. We went and got in the car. I started it and drove to my brothers place.

'Where are we going?' He asked.

'To a place until I can find a permanent safe place' He stared at me 'Keep your arm straight, if you keep moving it, its going to get very bad.'

We pulled up to the bar and we got out and I looked at him. His eyes were so beautiful but they were in pain. I needed to help him and fast.

'Stay close to me, someone might try to kill you in here' and he just stared at. 

'Why do they want to kill me?' He asked.

'I'll tell you later right now we need to get your arm and leg healed' and I grabbed his not injured arm and brought him close to me and we walked in.

As soon as we walked in it got quite and everyone was staring at us. It's crazy how fast news travels in my world. I looked at my brother and he came to me with a weird look.

'Take him upstairs' Was all he said.

We went upstairs into the guest room and I sat him on the bed. He was staring at me, he was always staring at me. I started to walk back and forth. Then the door opened and my brother walked in. He waved me towards him to talk in private.

'You didn't tell me he was your assignment' he said.

'I didn't know he was that special so I didn't bother'

'Clover he's the boy from the prophesy, the one that is suppose to destroy all nephilim'

'I know that but can we stay here for a few days? Please?' I asked.

'Uhh a few days I'll put up wards to make it safe' and I nodded.

'Can you help me heal him too, its really bad' he gave me a dirty look but nodded.

I laid him back on the bed and I put my hands over his injured shoulder. My brother put his hands over his injured leg and slowly we started to heal him. When we finished he had fallen asleep. I looked up at my brother and smiled and he turned and left the room. I went and sat on the bed softly so I wouldn't wake him. He was just so beautiful, I know I'm not suppose to be thinking like this but I just wanted him to hold me close but I know that will never happen.




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