Forbidden Love


1. Assignment

I was sitting around watching the mortals when an angel appeared in front of me. She was little about 12 years old. She looked at me and she had icy blue eyes.

'Your wanted by the Archangels' she said

'What for?'

'I don't know I'm just the messenger'

I got up and let my wings out. It felt nice to let them spread and feel the wing. I didn't really want to see my father he was the worst. I wish I could die but I couldn't because I'm immortal. As I got closer to the Gates of Heaven I started to notice my power was getting stronger. I could feel the power of every angel that was here. It felt so good I've forgotten how good it felt to be in Heaven. We entered the gates and we headed to the center of Heaven where the Archangels were located. As I was walking clothes were transforming themselves into a white flowing dress. What a way to ruin my badass look. We entered the room and I was surrounded by the counsel of Archangels.

'All right what do you want know'

'You do not speak to us that way you are only a guardian angel'


'We have an assignment for you and only you'

'Great, let me guess you want me to protect a mortal because another mortal wants them dead'

'No my child you will be protecting a Nephilim who doesn't know what he is or who he will become'

' Who is he'

'He'll be the down fall of all Nephilim that go against us.'

'Why me, I'm not powerful'

'Your father thought you would be good for this assignment' and I looked at him and he nodded. I didn't trust my father all these years he disclaimed me and my brother, his only favorite child was my sister Cecilia.

'Why don't you give this assignment to Ce..'

'Cecilia is on another assignment, she done something that has made me rethink who my best child is' I laughed.

'I'll accept, but I will do whatever it takes to protect him even if that means having help from Fallen Angels and Demons'

'Be careful with who helps because Nephilim have hired Demons and fallens to kill this boy and Good luck my child' I nodded and turned towards the door.



Clover's Badass Look:


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