Finding My Killer


I venomously laugh as I read my tombstone. My name is Scarlett Miranda Rose, and I know
one thing for sure.

I didn't fall out of that window.

I was pushed.

*Cover created by: SAISXO


5. Chapter 5


I didn't turn around. I kept thinking about my dream. Or memory, whichever. Who was it? Was the question that floated around my mind.

"Scarlett?" Drew snaps his fingers in front of my face.

I focus on him. "Huh?"

He scrunches his eyebrows together. "You've been staring at that wall for the past ten minutes."

"Oh, don't worry about it, I was just thinking." I said.

"About what?" He asked.

I take a deep breath and exhale. "About the night I died."

He turns away, suddenly interested in the floor. "Oh," He says.

"It happened and I'm still stuck in this hell-hole, so there's probably no use in dwindling on it, yeah?" I say.

He looks back up at me and smiles a small smile. "Yeah, I guess so."

Behind me, someone clears their throat.

"Excuse me?" I turn around and see Tanya.

I scowl and turn back to face Drew.

"It's Drew, right?" She asks, biting her lip nervously.

He nods. "That's me," He holds out his hand to shake.

"I'm Tanya. Tanya Riley." She shakes his hand.

"Nice to meet you," He says politely.

"Not to be completely rude, or anything, but who were you talking to just now?" She asks. "There's hardly anyone in the library."

"Oh, uh--" He glances at my face for a second to see me furiously shaking me head 'no'. "My--myself, sometimes I talk to myself when I'm trying to figure something out." He stutters.

"Oh, okay, cool," She says and flashes a bright, fake smile, while twirling a piece of her blonde hair on her finger. "Do you come to the library here a lot?"

"Of course, you friggin' retard, otherwise he wouldn't be in here." I mutter, crossing my arms over my chest.

Drew chokes on a laugh. "Ever since my first day,"

"That's cool," She smiles again and giggles, even though there is nothing funny in that sentence.

I swear if looks could kill, she would've died 50 million times already.

Drew saw me glaring at her so he made an excuse to leave, and together we walked out of the library, leaving Tanya alone.

Once we get outside, in the empty, school parking lot, I take a deep breath. "Drew?" I ask.

"Yeah?" He asks.

"I need your help with something."

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