Finding My Killer


I venomously laugh as I read my tombstone. My name is Scarlett Miranda Rose, and I know
one thing for sure.

I didn't fall out of that window.

I was pushed.

*Cover created by: SAISXO


2. Chapter 2

Let's get one thing clear; Ghosts aren't round, white blob looking things you see like you see on Pac-Man. We look like we normally did before we died, excpet we're transparent. And another thing, we don't go around yelling 'Boo!' in peoples faces, well sometimes we do, but only for effect! We are really cold, as in, if we walk through you, you'll feel as if you were just in a blizzard in Antarctica. If we walk around you, you'll feel as if you were just in a snow storm in New York.

Pretty much no one can see us, unless they were born with "The Sight" or "The Sixth Sense", if you've ever seen that movie. You know, the kid who sees dead people?

Anyway, here I am, wandering aimlessly through the school hallways, occasionally sitting in, in some of my old classes. Like right now, I pass my head through the door of my mythology class. They're talking about Greek Myths today, I think I might stay awhile...



Sorry about that, sometimes I get bored and like to go to my old classes like I used too before I died. 

Being a ghost is boring! All I ever do nowadays is wander through the school! Right now, I'm in the hallway that has my shrine pinned up on the wall.

I glance at it for a few seconds, my eyes sweeping over the pictures, and old class work, and notes people pinned up on it.

One said: "Why did you have to go, Scarlett? I miss you so much! -- Leah"

Yeah right, I don't even know you! I think to myself.

Another said: "Photography isn't the same without you! You were the only one I talked to in that class! -- Trip" 

You have never even said "Hi" to me. That's the thing, when you die, everyone lies and are all sympathetic, but really--They have never done more than glance in your direction when you were alive.

I sigh and turn and walk back down the hallway, not caring where I was going.

I pass through the wall and end up outside in the parking lot. I see alot of people, either cutting class, or coming back inside from band class. Then I see him. I don't know who he is, but for some reason, I feel drawn to him; Like he's important, in some way. 

He cluelessy stands in the middle of the outside entrance. His ear-length mop of straight, dirty blonde hair flopping around his head in the wind. One of his hands jammed in his front pocket, the other one holding a school schedule.

I walk closer to him and peek at the schedule he is studying.

"Ooh, Mrs. Darl is gonna suck for you!"

He jumped, scared and surprised.

"What's wrong?" I smirk. "You look like you've seen a ghost."

"You are a ghost," He said, with his dark brown eyes splashing with curiosity.

I take a step back. "You can see me?"

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