Finding My Killer


I venomously laugh as I read my tombstone. My name is Scarlett Miranda Rose, and I know
one thing for sure.

I didn't fall out of that window.

I was pushed.

*Cover created by: SAISXO


11. Chapter 11

"H-how long did you know Scarlett?" Mom asks Drew, setting two mugs of hot chocolate on the dark wood coffee table.

He hesitates for a second. "Not that long," He says. "I met her a few weeks before she uh--"

He trails off.

Mom focuses on her hot chocolate and keeps her eyes down.

"That's good--that she had some good friends." Mom says after a few minutes.

I slowly start backing towards the staircase. I wave to Drew, trying to catch his attention.

"I'm gonna go upstairs," I point to the staircase as soon as I catch his eye.

He scowls slightly, as I turn and go up the creaky old, wooden steps.

I go down the hall and peak my head into the twins room.

Kaylee was doing her math homework, and Haylee wasn't in there. That's odd... She's normally connected at the hip with Kaylee.

I walk into her room and sit down next to her. I look around the room, and see that her and Haylee made some changes to their room.

Half of the room is painted orange--Kaylee's favorite color--and the other half is shamrock green--Haylee's favorite color-- and in the middle of the wall, where the two colors meet is a picture of all three of us. Me in the middle with my arms wrapped around the twins on either side of me.

"I remember that picture," I say out loud. We just arrived at my grandma's home, and she insisted on taking pictures. That wasn't there before, I guess they wanted to have the memories on their wall, before they forget them.

Kaylee pushes a strand of her blonde hair behind her ears and unrolls her sweatshirt sleeves. "Mom, turn the heat up! It's kinda hard to study with hypothermia!" She snaps.

"Since when do you get an attitude with mom? That was my thing!" I tell her, knowing that she can't hear me.

She looks around her room and her gaze stops at the picture in the middle of the room.
"You know, Mayella is so upset that you're gone." She says quietly.

"I know," I say. "I miss May-Day."

A tear slides down her pale face. "I miss you, Scar."

"I miss you too, Kaykay." I say.

I try and put my arm around her shoulders, but it passes right through her.

"I love you, Kaylee-bug." I say, getting up and walk out of her room.

I pass my head through the door and see all of my stuff collecting dust. My purple comforter is neatly made on my bed, and all of my old school stuff is still sitting next to my closet. My maroon walls look mournful in the dim light.

I continue down the hall and stop at the window to the left of the hall.

Haylee is sitting on the window sill clutching a picture of me. Dad built a railing on the roof next to the window so no one would 'fall' again.

She has the sleeves of her grey sweatshirt pulled down, covering her hands, leaving only the tips of her fingers showing, and her blonde hair is pulled up in a messy bun.

"Tomorrow's mine and Kaylee's birthday," She says. "We're finally gonna be 14."

"I know," I say leaning on the wall next to her.

She shakes her head. "Why am I talking to nothing?" She closes her eyes. "I just wish you were here."

"I am here. I'm right here." I want so badly for her to hear me, but I'm so sure that that's not going to happen. "You're big sister's right here."

She leans her head back against the window pane. "I miss you." She whispers.

"I miss you too, baby sister." I say, heading back downstairs. "I'm always looking out for you, just remember that."

I wind up back in the kitchen and my mom is sitting at the dining room table, alone.

"Bye mom," I whisper as I head over to Tanya's party.

I am 10 minutes late so I gaze around, looking for Drew. Everyone is squished together, and the music is blaring so loud, I can hardly focus.

Not Drew, not Drew, Tanya sucking face with some guy, not Drew... Wait.

I glance back over at Tanya and the guy and stop dead in my tracks.

"You asshole!" I shriek.

Oh, they are both about to die. Drew was totally making out with Tanya!

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