Finding My Killer


I venomously laugh as I read my tombstone. My name is Scarlett Miranda Rose, and I know
one thing for sure.

I didn't fall out of that window.

I was pushed.

*Cover created by: SAISXO


10. Chapter 10

I meet up with Drew earlier than I expected. I was staring mindlessly at my grave in the cemetery, thinking about my life, when he comes up behind me and asks what I'm doing.

I don't answer. And we still have about 15 minutes before he has to head over to Tanya's, so I suggest that we walk around my neighborhood.

He agrees, and we head out of the cemetery, and onto the sidewalk.

"I never noticed how close together my house and the cemetery were." I say after about 30 seconds.

He chuckles once; What on earth did he find funny in that sentence?

To take my mind off the silence(Which is killing me) I decide to focus on his appearance.

He's wearing faded grey jeans with rips in them, a light orange shirt with white lettering on it, that I cannot read, and a white windbreaker. His dirty blonde hair is damp, and straight, just barely reaching the bottoms of his ears. His dark eyes are lit up with nervous energy.

He looks kind of. . . Handsome.

Oh God. You. Are. A. Ghost! I remind myself. How can a ghost and the living even date? That'd just be weird.

"What?" He asks, glancing at me.

"Huh?" I ask, confused for a second.

"What are you looking at?" He asks, curiously glancing at me again, as if something looks out of place.

"Oh-- N-nothing," I stutter. "You look nice,"
He smiles.

'You look nice?' Did I really just say that? I scold myself. You look freaking hot!

I am about to kick myself so hard, my whole family will feel my pain.

I focus back on the sidewalk, just as Drew runs into a women checking the mail.

"I am so sorry!" He kneels down and helps pick up the letters and packages she dropped.

I stopped up short.

She looks so different, it scares me. She's wearing her baby pink bathrobe and her bunny slippers that I got her for her 36th birthday. Her red hair had greys in it, and when she looked up at Drew, there were deep purple bags underlining her eyes. Her healthy glow, was now replaced by a sickly pale complexion.

"Mom," I whispered, appalled.

Drew's head snaps up as soon as that word escapes my mouth. He studies her for no longer than a second, then regains his composure. "Again, I am so sorry, Mrs. Rose, is there anything else I can help you with?"

She cocks her head to the side and ignores his question. "How do you know my name? Have we met before?"

He hands her, her mail. "I am--was a friend of Scarlett's." He didn't mean to say those words, I can see it in his expression. "Sorry," He hurriedly adds.

Mom makes a squeaking noise and closes her eyes for a second. "It's okay, hon." She reopens her eyes and stands up. "Would you like to come inside for some hot chocolate? It's kind of chilly out here."

"Yes please," He says. "I have a couple of minutes to spare, why not?" He says as he and I follow her into the house.

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