I won't give up

Emily was a family doctor. She's going to NYC to visit her parents for New Year's eve. On her flight over she sits next to the one and only Harry Styles.. . They seem to get along quite well until a busty blonde comes around. She turns his attention towards her. Will anything ever happen between Emily and Harry?
~Emily xx


2. 24 more hours...

"Emily... Emily wake up." I hear the deep voice telling me.

"Whyyyy?" I ask, thinking it's just a dream.

"We had to fly back to New Zealand."

My eyes open wide as I process his words.

"Why on earth would we do that?" I ask. There must of been a bomb threat or something!

"Up ahead there was a thunderstorm and we couldn't go around it... We'll be stuck at the airport for at least a day. At least that's what the pilot said."

I sigh in frustration. I lean down and put my elbows on my knees and my hands on my temples, gently massaging.

"Come on. We have to get off the plane now." Harry explains as he gently grabs my hand. He tugs slightly.

Giving up, I stand and follow him as he pulls me off the plane. this was going to be an 18 hour flight anyhow. Now we have an extra 24 hours to add on to that. I follow Harry into the airport as we walk around to find a couple chairs to sit down and sleep.

"Is Jamie here?" I ask hoping for a No she died kind of answer...

"Yea she said she had to change then she ran off the plane."

I bet she'll change into something really slutty, i think to myself.

Finally we find three seats all aligned with each other. Harry takes a seat next to an old man and I take the seat next to Harry.

"Thanks for waking me up Harry." I say as I look at him and smile.

"It was no problem Emily. Besides, it's always nice to have some good looking company." He replies with a cheeky wink and his lop-sided grin.

I can't help but blush as my smile grows bigger.

"Harry! I've been looking for you!!!" I hear her high pitched voice as Jamie makes her way over to us.

Her outfit isn't as bad as i thought. She's wearing black leggings and a white tank top. Then I find her outer slut when she turns around to take a seat next to me. Her leggings are pulled up as high as they'll go showing her small,round butt perfectly. I roll my eyes.

"Well, I see you've found us." He replies looking at her oddly.

she bats her eyelashes in response. I slouch down in my seat, very annoyed.

"I love your shirt Emily!! Where did you get it?" Jamie asks sounding very sarcastic.

I was wearing a grey sweatshirt... It's Liam's...

"My boyfriend," I pause for a second, "He gave it to me. Well, I sort of stole it." I say with a sly grin.

She slowly nods as if she doesn't believe that I have a boyfriend. Which is understanding considering that I broke up with him like 2 hours ago or something.

I look at Harry and he gives me a funny look. His eyebrows are furrowed together as he searches my face, leaving me confused.

"Harry if you want we can trade seats so that you can talk to Jamie." I say knowing that we won't be having much of a conversation.

He nods slightly as we both get up. He takes a hold of my elbow as we cross in front of each other. My arm instantly receives goosebumps, and i feel my cheeks heating up. I take a seat next to the old man and smile at him kindly he returns the smile with a slight nod. I take in the warmth of Harry's chair as i slouch into it, getting comfortable.

"I have a blanket if you want it." Harry says giving me a caring smile.

"I'm fine." I lie, as I take my sleeves into my fists.

He gets up and goes to his luggage taking out a big blue blanket. He sits down again as he places the blanket over the two of us. He looks down at me to see me blushing. He chuckles before he turns over to Jamie.

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