dont let me go

April is just a normal girl that goes to work everyday, love to hang out with friends and read. One day she takes over a customer from her colleague Olivia. What April doesn’t knows is that she would become such a great friends with that customer and from their first meeting both life’s changed completely


2. Usual routine

*Beep beep beep* I groan and tiredly open my eyes. I hit the 'stop' button. I grab my undress which is hanging next to the door and then make my way downstairs. Passing the hall to the stairs I look in the mirror. I look terribly this morning. I walk downstairs making a cup of English tea for myself. While waiting for my tea I grab my keys and open the door to walk outside the house to the mailbox and grab my post. I see some advertisement, the daily newspaper and some letters. I walk inside again with the post and grab the daily paper. I read a few pages that catch my attention. After I read a few pages my tea is ready. I walk to the kitchen where my glass with hot water and the tea bag is. After drinking the delicious tea with two cookies I take a little shower. Wash my hair, my body, shave my legs. After the shower I put some body lotion on my arms and legs. I open my closet and look inside. I grab my black trouser with a middle blue top and my black all stars. We have to wear black trousers everyday but happily you can choose your own top. I put my clothes on and walk downstairs. I sit on the couch and put my shoes on. I grab my bag from the  closet in the hallway. I walk back to the living room and grab my iphone from the coffee table and my keys and purse next to it. I walk to the hallway and open the door, then close it and lock it. I walk to my car which is parked for my house. It's a black Audi Q7 and the inside is middle blue with black. I love my car. I start the motor and make my way to my job just like every other day.


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