dont let me go

April is just a normal girl that goes to work everyday, love to hang out with friends and read. One day she takes over a customer from her colleague Olivia. What April doesn’t knows is that she would become such a great friends with that customer and from their first meeting both life’s changed completely


4. Thoughts

After that first week when I met Niall he kept coming. Every week. Saterday. Two o'clock. After a while he gave me his phone number and we started to whatsapp each other a lot. It was nice talking to Niall on the phone and face to face. He is just so sweet and caring. He made me laugh a lot too. When he came again on the sixth saterday he told me that I needed to come over sometime so I could meet the boys and we could hang out. He also told me he's going on tour again in two months. Usually after the massage we kept talking and it was nice. I can remember when I told Emily and Kate that my friend is Niall Horan they stressed out. They met him once because they were waiting by his car when he left the spa and kind of stalking him. Niall is my best friend and next saterday I'm going to his home after work. I'm actually waiting for Niall now because it's 2 o'clock. Seriously every minute I look if he's already there. After then minutes he's finally there. I'm always happy to see him and talk. When I'm with him I'm myself. I feel really comfortable around him. "April, are you even listening?" Niall asks interrupting my thoughts. "Uhm... No.." I say. "Where were you thinking about?" he asks. "You and next saterday" I say. "Hmm, it's going to be fun, I really look towards it" he says. "Me too Ni" I say and smile. By the rest of the conversation I could focus on the conversation. He made me laugh as always.

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