dont let me go

April is just a normal girl that goes to work everyday, love to hang out with friends and read. One day she takes over a customer from her colleague Olivia. What April doesn’t knows is that she would become such a great friends with that customer and from their first meeting both life’s changed completely


3. The meeting

Today is a really busy day. I sit in the sun enjoying of my break. Finally. I'm drinking my latte machiatto with a donut from the cafetaria. "Hey Liv" I say as my colleague Olivia walks outside. "Hey April, I know it's a busy day but I really have to go home right know" she says. "Is there something wrong? You know you can just tell Jessica that you have the flue" I say. Jessica is our boss. "Yeah I know but I have this customer and I can't call him off. He's a special customer so maybe you can take my job over" she says. "Uhh yeah sure, how late will he be here?" I ask. "He's already waiting actually" she says. "It's okay, go home, I'll see you tommorow again" I say. She walks to Jessica's office while I walk inside to the waiting room. A cute blond haired boy is sitting on his iphone. "Nii-all uhm Hooran?" I ask. "Niall Horan, that's me" he stands up while shoving his iphone is his trouwser. "You're not Olivia" he says. "Oow, yeah I know, I am April, Olivia has the flue" I say while shaking his hand. "Follow me" I say and smile. I walk in front of him to the room. I open the door so Niall can walk in. "So... Here is your towel and there is the dressingroom" I say while pointing to the dressingroom. "Thanks" he says. He walks into the dressingroom. I walk to my bag and grab my iphone. I click on the home button from my iphone and unlock my phone. I want to type my code in but then click on cancel. I look at my background. 'One Direction' is written across the picture. I see five guys standing next to each other. One with curly hair and dimples. One with black hair and a blond quiff. One with brown hair and a stipped shirt. One with brown hair but a shaved head and one with blond hair. All of them having tattoo's except the blond one. Well that's what the picture says. I unlock my phone and type my code in. I open my pictures and search for another picture with the five boys. I find one and zoom in on the blond one. The boy is my customer. I hear the door from the dressingroom open and close. I look up and see Niall with the towel around his waist. "Ni... Niall" I say trying to say his name good. "Yeah?" he asks. "You can lie down" I say and smile. "Thanks but did you wanted to ask something?" he asks while he lays down. "Yeah, are you in a band?" I ask while grabbing some massage gel from the desk. "One Direction, it surprises me you didn't mentioned it before" he says and laugh. "I didn't knew it before, I found out because the picture of my phone from my friends" I say and laugh. I put some gel on my hands and rub them together. "Are you a fan?" he asks. I place my hand on his shoulders and start massaging. "Not really, my friends are obsessed but I... I'm not really the obsessed girl type, I rather spend my time watching movies, reading books and going out and thinks like that" I say. "Mhh okay" he mumbles. "But April, tell something about yourself" he says. "Well, I'm April Stone 19 years old, have brown hair and blue eyes. My best friends who are obsessed by One Direction are Emily and Kate, when I'm not working I'm most of the time with them or I'm at home reading a book or watching a movie or something like that. I live in a big house. I don't understand why because I'm living alone but I like it. In the backyard I'm having a pool. I love a morning dive. I'm also addicted to chocolate and... Well, that's it I guess" I say. "Chocolate hmm? I love food too" he says. I laugh and smile. This is actually one of the nicest customers. While talking I kept massaging and I'm now doing the middle of his back. Niall told me about his life in Ireland and about his parents and his brother Greg and that he has a nephew called Theo and that he loves to play guitar and he loves Nando's and food and his friend. We kept talking about our lifes and family, friends, hobbys, the band ofcourse and love. Niall really made me love this day. After the massage he dressed again in his clothes and payed and left

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