dont let me go

April is just a normal girl that goes to work everyday, love to hang out with friends and read. One day she takes over a customer from her colleague Olivia. What April doesn’t knows is that she would become such a great friends with that customer and from their first meeting both life’s changed completely


5. making new friends

I park my car for my house, lock it and then walk to my front door. Niall is picking me up in a half hour. I open the front door and close it behind my back. I take my all stars off and throw my bag on the coffee table. I run upstairs and take a fast shower. After I showered I put a tow around my hair and one around my body. I walk to my closet and pick my clothes out. I pick out some blue jeans and a white tank top with some white slippers. I walk to the bathroom and brush my hair and let it wavy. I walk downstairs to my bag and search inside it for my mascara and lipgloss and put it on lightly. I throw everything back in my bag again. I grab my phone and see I have a text from Niall. 'go open the door for me :) be there in a few secs babe x.' I smile and put my iphone in my bag and grab my keys. I walk to the door and step outside. I lock the door and turn around when I see Niall stopping with high speed. Maybe he thought my house would be further in the street. I smile and walk towards his car. He has a black bmw. It's a perfect car. I open the door and step in. "Helloooww" Niall says and opens his arms to hug me. I smile and hug him. After our hug I put my seatbelt on. "Nervous to meet them?" he asks. "No, I just meeting your friends" I say. "Great, the girls are waiting too" he says. "Girls?" I ask. "Ooh yeah, Louis' and Zayn's girlfriends. Eleanor and Perrie" he says. "You never told me about their girlfriends, who is dating who? Tell me about them" I say. "Well, Perrie has pink hair so don't look weird and she is dating Zayn and they have a dog Hatchi and he's living with Perrie mostly. Eleanor and Louis are also a couple, she just has normal brown hair and they always cuddle and things like that and now where here to meet them" he says and drives into the parking lot. He stops the motor and we both step out. He locks the door and we walk towards the door. I follow Niall. When we walk into the living room everyone is standing. I smile and then Niall gives me an encouraging push a bit towards them. "Guys, this is April" he says. "Hello, I'm Eleanor" the girl with brown hair, just as Niall told me says and she hugs me. "Hee Eleanor" I say and hug her back. We stop hugging and then Perrie jumps into the picture. "And you must be Perrie" I say and smile. "Yeah, that's me" she says and smiles. She gives me a hug and I hug her back. We stop hugging and I see a guy with black hair behind Perrie. "You're Zayn" I say. "And you're totally right" he says and smiles and hugs me. We stop hugging and there three boys left. "One of you is Louis because he is dating Eleanor" I say. "Niall, I thought she didn't knew much about us before you met her" the curly haired says. "I told her some things" Niall says. "Well, I'm Harry" the curly haired one says. "Hello Harry" I say and hug him. He hugs back. We stop hugging and Niall comes next to me. "So we have Liam and Louis, they both have brown hair and they both standing in front of you, chose who Louis and chose who Liam is" Niall says. I look at him with a 'just say it' look. "I think... That... You are Louis, I actually know it for sure" I say and smile. "So how did you find out?" Eleanor asks. I turn around. "You and Louis made eye contact and I notice things like that" I say and smile. I walk towards Louis and Liam. "Group hug" Louis says loud and hugs me and Liam. "Welcome to the friend club April" Liam says. "Thank you" I say and smile. Niall, Zayn, Harry, Eleanor and Perrie join the group hug. It feels so great. It's not that I've never had a group hug or a friend club or the feeling I was around people that care about me. It was about that they accept me and that just means a lot to me. I smile. Then Louis gives a sign that we all should let go. "So who's hungry?" Louis asks. Everyone says something like ; 'me' 'I love food' 'I'm always hungry' 'I can't wait for food' 'let's eat'. "What are we eating?" I ask Niall. "The plan was to eat pasta but Zayn burned it so know..." he says. "Well, I can cook something if you guys want" I say. "Great idea April" Louis cheers. It wasn't my idea to say it that loud. "Lou, maybe it's easier if we just get some take away" Eleanor says. "No, I love cooking, I can do it and I would love to do it" I say and smile. Everybody starts discussing over the food. I walk to Perrie because she seems a bit out of the conversation. "Do you mind leading me to the kitchen?" I ask. "No of course not" Perrie says and smiles. I follow her to the kitchen and look around in the huge beautiful white kitchen. "Do you like it?" she asks. "This kitchen is perfect" I say and smile. "But hè, what’s it between you and Niall?" she asks. I stop looking around and face Perrie. "Nothing, I like him as a friend and he is very kind" I say and smile. "Hmm I see" she says. "What?" I ask not understanding her. "Nothing that matters, you should come over sometime when the boys are in a meeting our something, Eleanor and I shop or just have a girl day here" she says. "I would love to come over, thank you" I say and smile. I walk to her and hug her. "You're so sweet" I say. She hugs back an bit surprised. "You too April" she says. "So we made a deal, you make pasta and as desert we want all a back massage" Louis says storming into the kitchen. "No Lou, Niall said no back massage" Eleanor says storming after him. "Louis, did I heard the word back massage, she has an evening free and you begin about work" Niall says storming in too. "I want a back massage" Zayn says and makes a sad face to Niall. "Niall, it's okay, maybe ten minutes per person, that's okay" I say and smile. "Yes" Zayn and Louis say while giving a high five. "Babe, you're so sweet" Niall says and hugs me. I hug back. After a few seconds I want to let go. He kisses me on the forehead. "See you girls at dinner" he says and closes the door. "Niall, I'm not cooking, you should help you girlfriend" Perrie shouts. I feel myself blushing. "Just let's cook, I'll cook and we can talk" I say and smile. I start cooking and Perrie felt bad that she wasn't doing anything. She wanted to help. I said I like working alone. It makes everything so easy. Halfway making the dinner Perrie left and Niall came. We talked and laughed. After a while Niall started to talk about Perrie's comment and he started talking and talking but I wasn't paying attention. I could only think about the kiss. Even it was on my head. Happily when I paid attention again it didn't caused any problems because he didn't asked anything he just talked. We ate dinner and everyone gave me compliments for my cooking skills. After dinner Harry, Eleanor and Louis did the dishes. It ended up in one soap fight and they could clean that up too. After they both changed Harry, Eleanor and Louis joined us on the floor ready to play a game. Which was Zayn's idea...

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