One Direction Imagines :)

Hiiiiii!!:) It's me! So this is my first book EVER (exciting right;) ) I will NOT do dirty ones! Sorry! But I am doing cute ones such as proposals, first date, fun day, etc. I hope you enjoy these and I do not know if I will do personal ones or not but for the first 3 or 4 imagines I won't do personal, just to see if I like non-personal ones or not:) Thank you sooooo much!!!!(: I do take requests for scenarios and I will give credit to the person who gave me the idea (and possibly a personal imagine:) ) byeeeee!!!


6. Isabella and Niall:) (Mrs. Horan 311)

A/N: Hey Isabella! So I'm going to call you Bella in here(: I hope you like it! Sorry if it sucks but I can always edit and make it better!!:) Happy reading!

Bella P.O.V

"We're here!" Harry yelled while turning the car off. The boys and I decided to go to the beach this weekend while they have time off. I was sitting in the back seat with my boyfriend Niall. We all got out of the bus and stretched because it was so crammed in there. "Race you guys to the beach!" I hear Liam says to the guys. "Alright you're on!" Harry says. After they lined up to race, Louis turned around to Niall and I. "Do you guys want to join us?" he asks. "Nah lad, we'll meet you down there" Niall says while grabbing my hand and smiling. Louis shrugs his shoulders and everyone else sprints off to the beach. "Are you ready my princess?" he asks while kissing my nose. "Ready my prince!" I smile. He gives me a beautiful smile and we begin to walk down to the beach. Once we got there, Niall set the picnic basket down and I laid the blanket down for us to sit on. After everything was all set up, Niall and I ate with the guys and then they went to go play volleyball. Niall and I were cuddling, my head was on his chest and our fingers were entwined together. I was playing with his hand until I was interrupted by him moving. "Niall what are you doing?" I ask as he held his hand out for me to take. "You'll see princess" he smirks. I hesitantly take it and when he helped me up, he picked me up bridal style. "Niall!" I yell while clinging onto him. He chuckled and began to walk towards the water. "Oh no no no mister!" I yell. He ignored me and started to run. As we got closer to the water I hung onto him for dear life because I knew what he was going to do. He ran into the water and dropped me in, leaving me soaking wet. "Niall James Horan!" I scold while swimming towards him. "Yes Bella?" he says innocently like he did nothing wrong. I laughed at him and he wrapped his arms around my waist. I put my arms around his neck and he rested his forehead on mine. Then, out of nowhere, he crashed his lips on mine. I was taken aback at first because he never did this, he always had some kind of signal before kissing me. I gladly kissed back passionately. We stayed like this for a few minutes before he pulled away. I smiled at him and we sat in the water for some time, letting the warm water it our bodies until we decided to get out. My dark blonde hair was beginning to get curly, so I grabbed a pony tail holder and put it into a high pony. Niall grabbed my hand in his and we were walking down the beach along the tide. "Bella?" he asks, breaking the silence. "Yes Niall?" I say. "Where do you see yourself in 20 years?" he asks. "Um, older I guess?" I laugh. He laughs along and squeezes my hand. "No seriously!" he says. "Okay, well I see myself married with a couple of kids and living a happy life" I smile at him. He smiles back and kisses me sweetly. "What about you?" I ask while leaning my head on his shoulder as we kept walking. "I see myself with you" he whispers the last part. I lift my head up and look at him. "Wait, you see you and I together?" I asks. "Yes, I do actually" he blushes. I smile at him and I stroke his cheeks with the back of my hand. "I love you Niall" I say. "I love you too Bella" he says before cupping my face in his hands. Then, he leans in and kisses me passionately. We both smile into the kiss and I hear the guys whistling behind us. Niall pulls away and shoots them a look. I giggle at him and we continued walking on the beach, talking more about our future together. :)


Hi Bella! I hope you enjoyed this!!! It's soo sweet!!:) Just let me know if you want any adjustments to it and I will fix it up!!:) Thank you soo much!!!

-DirectionerForever:) xx

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