One Direction Imagines :)

Hiiiiii!!:) It's me! So this is my first book EVER (exciting right;) ) I will NOT do dirty ones! Sorry! But I am doing cute ones such as proposals, first date, fun day, etc. I hope you enjoy these and I do not know if I will do personal ones or not but for the first 3 or 4 imagines I won't do personal, just to see if I like non-personal ones or not:) Thank you sooooo much!!!!(: I do take requests for scenarios and I will give credit to the person who gave me the idea (and possibly a personal imagine:) ) byeeeee!!!


12. Irish and Niall:) (ImIrishBothWays)

A/N: Hey Irish! (Love the name by the way!:) ) so for this I am going to have a random name for your best friend because adding Y/BFF/N is kind of exhausting:/ lol but enjoy!!:)

Irish P.O.V.

"Wake up Irish!" I hear my best friend say while shaking me. "Ughhh. Just 5 more minutes!" I groan into my pillow. "No! You're gonna be late!" she says, still shaking me. I throw my pillow at her and I think I missed because she was still trying to wake me up. After many minutes of trying to wake me, she gives up. "Alright, then that means I'll just have to eat your breakfast and take your presents!" I hear her yell. "I'm up!" I yell as I jump out of bed. I run downstairs and see my food and a couple of presents on the dining room table. "Thank you Allie! I love it!" I say while giving her a hug. Her and I live together considering that we go to the same university in London. Yes, London where THE One Direction live. I've been trying to get to one of their concerts ever since their first tour. It's been my dream! "You're welcome Irish! Now go eat your food!" she says while pushing me playfully toward the table. I eat my food quickly and take my gifts into the living room to open them. Allie comes in with a cup of tea and sits down next to me. I grabbed the card and it said "Happy 19th Birthday sweetie!". I smiled at it, recognizing my mother's handwriting. She and my father are on vacation right now and couldn't make it for my birthday. I open my gift and see that they got me the IPhone 5c in green (which I have been DYING for!), a clover leaf necklace, and a new camera. I grab the second present which was from Allie. Inside the ginormous bag were a pair of navy blue ripped jeans, a shirt that has an infinite symbol on it with a caption that says "Forever Young" under it, and some black boots that go up to just under my knees and in the middle of my calves. "Oh my god Allie! I love these! Thank you boo!" I say while giving her a hug. "Anything for my best friend! Now let's get set up for your party tonight!" she says. We both clean up and set everything up. I put balloons all over the place while she set up the banners. We both put out the snacks (which many consisted chips and candy), then put up the torches outside to be lit later on tonight. "Okay, everything is ready!" I say while taking a step back to admire everything. We both decided that it was good and we both began to get ready. I put my IPod into my iHome and put it on shuffle as I hopped into the shower. 'She's Not Afraid' came on and I totally jammed out to it. Next thing I know, I was singing into the soap bar and head banging. "She's not afraid of all the attention! She's not afraid of running wild! I guess she's so afraid of fallin' in loooooovvvee!" I sing. "Irish shut up!" I hear Allie scream from outside the door. "Oh c'mon, you know you wanna sing with me!" I say, just to aggravate her. "No I don't! Thanks for the offer though!" she yells back. I shake my head and laugh, then turn the water off. I step out and wrap a towel around my body. The next song was Little Things and I rushed out to get Allie, since this was her favorite song. "Irish what the heck?!" she yells as I drag her into my bathroom. She recognized the tune and began singing. "You can't go to bed, without a cup of tea, and maybe that's the reason that talk, in your sleep. And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep and it makes noo sense to me" we both harmonize. We both laugh and finish getting ready I put the outfit that Allie got me on and put my red hair into a fish tail braid. I do my makeup next, putting on a light shade of copper to make my red eyes pop. I add the finishing touches and then leave the bathroom. Shoot the guests are going to be here any time soon. "Allie you ready yet?" I yell. "Yep!" I here her yell back. She comes down minutes later in washed out jeans, a cheetah print tank top with a black cardigan and some white high tops. Her hair was put into a pony tail and she had very little makeup on. We both complimented each other's outfits and waited for the guests to arrive. At first is was just only a handful of university students, but then it turned into an open house where just about anybody that lived near could come. It was already 11 o'clock and the music was blaring. So much for a piece and quiet neighborhood now thanks to us. I fought my way through the crowd to find Allie so she could help me with something. Lights were going all over the place and it was beginning to get out of hand. We had a bar tender there and you could tell people were getting drunk already. I was still running through the crowd until I bumped into someone. "Oh I'm sor-" but I stopped in mid sentence when I noticed who I ran into. It was Niall Horan, THE NIALL HORAN, STANDING IN FRONT OF ME. Try not to fangirl Irish. "I'm sorry love, I didn't see you there" he says in his adorable irish accent. "N-No I-I'm sorry I didn't mean to bump into you" I stutter. Great, why don't you just collapse right here. "What's your name?" he asks, flashing me a smile showing off his pearly white teeth. "Irish" I answer. "Irish, heh, I like it" he winks. I blush and look down at the ground. "Say, why don't you meet the lads eh?" he says while putting a hand out to me. I take it and he leads me through the crowd, then showing me the 4 other band members. We all meet each other and it turned out to be a great party. Niall and I were sitting on the bench in my back yard, talking about our lives. "So, are you a fan of the band?" he asks. "Yes I am. I think you guys are amazing" I say. "Really? Well who's your favorite?" he asks. "You" I say, then covering up my mouth after realizing what I just said. I look down at the ground out of embarrassment and blush. Suddenly, I feel an index finger below my chin lift my head up to meet those ocean blue orbs of his, and then he leaned in and gave me a gentle kiss. I kissed back willingly and he cupped my face in his hands and I put my arms around his neck. After he pulled away, he pressed his forehead against mine and gazed into my eyes. I smiled at him and he smiled back, then handing me a small slip of paper before getting up. "I have to go. I'll see you soon hopefully" he said with a wink. "Yes. I'll see you soon" I smile back. And this was the start of a beautiful relationship :)


Hello Irish!! I hope you enjoyed it!! Sorry it took forever! School is just murdering me these past weeks:/ But let me know if you want anything fixed!!:)


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