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Hiiiiii!!:) It's me! So this is my first book EVER (exciting right;) ) I will NOT do dirty ones! Sorry! But I am doing cute ones such as proposals, first date, fun day, etc. I hope you enjoy these and I do not know if I will do personal ones or not but for the first 3 or 4 imagines I won't do personal, just to see if I like non-personal ones or not:) Thank you sooooo much!!!!(: I do take requests for scenarios and I will give credit to the person who gave me the idea (and possibly a personal imagine:) ) byeeeee!!!


11. Donna and Liam:) (DRose55)

A/N: Donna!! Hello! So I hope you enjoy this imagine!!:)

Liam P.O.V. (Oooo you lucky duck you get a Liam Pov!!)

Today is the day, the day that I will ask Donna to marry me! We've been together for 2 years now and I want to make her mine forever! I love her so much and I know she feels the same. I'm going to ask her at the place where we first met; the park in the avenue park (I just guessed it I hope you don't mind:) ). I had the lads help me find the ring and it's beautiful, just like her. I woke up this morning, getting an idea to make her breakfast and then I will send her off to a relaxing day with the girls so I could get ready. I hear a small yawn behind me and I see that Donna's awake. "Good morning sweetheart" I chuckle. "Good morning Li" she yawns. She stretches her arms up and rubs her eyes, looking adorable as ever. I put our food onto the plates and go into the dining room to eat. I set her plate down and kiss her forehead. "Thank you babe" she smiles. I smile back and sit down across from her, then we began to eat. "So what are we gonna do today?" she asks. "That is for me to know and you to find out" I say to her. She scrunches up her nose and crosses her arms, pouting. "Tellllll meeee" she whines. "Noooooo, it's a surprise" I say, mimicking her tone. She pouts some more before getting up and going into the kitchen to put her dishes away. I follow her seconds after and help her with the dishes. Then, the doorbell rang and I knew exactly who it was. "I got it!" I say as I run over to the door. I open it and see Perrie, Eleanor, and Gemma waiting on my doorstep. "Hello ladies" I say as I welcome them in. "Hi Liam!" Gemma says. "Alright, you guys know what to do right?" I whisper, making sure that Donna won't hear me. They all nod and I smile. Donna comes in a few minutes later and squeals when she see's the girls. "Oh my god!! Hey guys!" she says as she runs over to them and giving them hugs. The girls have their moment until I clear my throat. "Donna why don't you get some shoes on, the girls are going to take you out today" I say to her. She looks at me like I'm crazy and laughs. "But Liam, I'm only in my pajamas" she says as she looks down at her clothes. "That doesn't matter! Where we're going, you don't need to dress up. C'mon!" Eleanor says while grabbing Donna's hand. "Okay! Let me get my shoes and phone!" Donna says while scrambling to get her things. Once she has everything, she kisses me on the cheek and I give her a tight hug. After I see her leave, I call the guys to help me set everything up. I can't wait until tonight!

Donna P.O.V.

"Where are we going?" I ask as I get into Perrie's car. "You'll see! Just be patient!" Gemma says while hopping into the passenger's seat. El and I sat in the backseat while Perrie drove. "I really hope that I didn't need to dress up for whatever this is girls" I say as I look at what I'm wearing; big, baggy grey sweatpants, Liam's t-shirt that was way too big on me, and my black hair was put into a messy bun. "Oh stop it! You look great! Besides, look at what we're wearing" El says to me. I look over and see that they all have baggy sweats and shirts on, with their hair up into a pony tail. "Neither of us have makeup on though" I say. All of them just shrug and we continue to drive until we get to our destination. "We're here!" Perrie squeals. I look out the window and see that we are stopped at a spa. "A spa?" I ask confused. "Yep! Now get your lazy butt outta here so we can get pampered!" Gemma giggles as we get out. We walk inside the building and I gotta say, it's HUGE! There was a gigantic crystal chandelier on the ceiling, a staircase that led up to the roof of the building, many little shops along the walls, and a fountain. It looked like a mini mall in there! "Woah!" I gasp in awe. "You like it?" El asks me while we sit down in the lounging area. "Yeah! This must've cost a fortune! I wonder how much this cost Liam!" I say, suddenly feeling guilty that he spent this much money just for me. "Don't worry about it! Besides, Liam told us that this is your day" she says while smiling. "But I-" I begin before El put her hand over my mouth to be quiet. "You will be pampered and like it missy" she says. I sigh and nod my head. She takes her hand off my mouth and we were next. A lady led the way up the stairs, bringing us to a deck that was outside and soothing. We saw some masseuses by massage tables with robes in their hands. We get undressed and wait for our messages. "Ooooh this.. feels.. good" I say as the take the knots out of my back. "I'll.. say" Gemma adds. Then we got to sit in the hot tub for a few minutes to relax, while drinking some champagne. "Liam is such a sweetheart" I say as I sink down into the pool a little more. "You have some competition now Donna" El says. "And why is that?" I ask. "Because he's paying for all of us and after this, I think I may love him a little bit more" she winks. "El! You have Louis!" I giggle. "I know. I was just kidding" she giggles. We laughed at some more stories and finally got out, continuing our day of pamper. We went downstairs into the main lobby and got our hair and nails done, then we went shopping. "Donna! Get this dress!" Gemma squeals as she hands me a dress. I grab it and admire its beauty. It was a long, strapless silky lavender dress with sequins lined up at the top. I run into the dressing room and try it on. It's a perfect fit! "Well, come out and show us!" Perrie yells from outside. I walk out and all of them gasp. "Oh Donna, you look beautiful! Liam is gonna love it!" Perrie adds. "Thank you girls" I say. We grab our belongings and head out. "Holy crap! It's already 7:30?!" I say, looking at the time on my phone. "Shoot! We have to get you home quickly!" El says. We speed home and I see that Liam's car isn't in the driveway. "That's weird" I say. The girls hurry me inside and help me get ready. El did my makeup, making my brown eyes pop a bit more, while Perrie and Gemma searched for shoes that would match my dress. Just as El finished my mascara, they found some shoes and I quickly got dressed. "Gorgeous! Now let's go!" Gemma says while helping me out the door. e get into the car and drive somewhere that was 15 minutes away. By this time is was already dark, but enough to see the surroundings. "A park? What are we doing at a park?" I ask. The girls all look at each other before helping me out. "Here, you're gonna need this" Perrie smiles while giving me an envelope. I take it and look at her. "Have fun!" El says before giving me a hug. They all give me a hug before leaving. I open the envelope and see that it's got Liam's handwriting on it. "Hello Love! Follow these clues to find your surprise! :)" I laugh at the letter and read some more. "Now go to the place where the ducks like to play" he says. "Where the ducks like to play.. Oh the lake!" I say. There were lanterns all over the place to lead me the way. I go to the creek to find another letter attached to a fishing pole. I picked it up and it said "Ah you found me! Good job sweetie! Now go to the place where we like to watch the stars". The oak tree! I go to the tree and find an envelope tied to the base of the tree with my favorite color of ribbon; baby blue. I open it and it said: "You're getting warmer! Alright last clue, go to the tree that we called ours". "That we called ours? Does he mean..? He does!" I say to myself. I walk over to the largest oak tree in the park and see our names carved in a heart into the tree. "There's no letter" I say. "Turn around" I hear a familiar voice say behind me. I turn around and see Liam standing with a huge bouquet of roses and he's in a tux. "Hello there beautiful" he smiles while giving me the roses and a kiss. "Liam, what's all this?" I ask. He smirks and steps back into the lit up balloons. I look at them, noticing that they spell something. After I read them a little more carefully, I realized what they spelt. "Will you marry me" I read them out loud. I begin to tear up and Liam got down on one knee, showing the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. "Donna, we've been together for 2 years now, and I couldn't have be happier. You make me the most happy man alive and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So, will you marry me?" he asks. "Yes" I say. "Yes! Oh my god yes Liam I will marry you!" I say. He gets up and slides the ring onto my finger, then grabbing my face in his hands. "I love you Donna" he says. "I love you Liam" I say. He leans in and kisses me deeply and passionately. We began planning our wedding shortly after and expect to get married on this day next year :)


Hello!!! Wow you got a long one! I hope you enjoyed it Donna!! Let me know if you want anything changed! :)


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