One Direction Imagines :)

Hiiiiii!!:) It's me! So this is my first book EVER (exciting right;) ) I will NOT do dirty ones! Sorry! But I am doing cute ones such as proposals, first date, fun day, etc. I hope you enjoy these and I do not know if I will do personal ones or not but for the first 3 or 4 imagines I won't do personal, just to see if I like non-personal ones or not:) Thank you sooooo much!!!!(: I do take requests for scenarios and I will give credit to the person who gave me the idea (and possibly a personal imagine:) ) byeeeee!!!


5. A/N :)

Heyyyyy!!! It's been a while!! So I have a few requests and I am writing them as I speak but I will update tomorrow because its like 1 in the morning and I had another busy day at work:/ Thank you sooo much for reading and almost 100 views!! That's inZayn! (lol see what I did there;) ) but I am happier than a camel on Wednesday (love that commercial!)! Also, my best friend said she might co-author!! She's super awesome and I can't wait!! I just have to wait until she gets her wifi back and then we can all party!!:D But again, THANK YOU SO FREAKIN' MUCH I LOVE YOU!!:D Stay beautiful and amazing my chickens!!:)


Requests!! Keep 'em coming I do whatever you want me to do except dirty:) Thank you!!

-DirectionerForever:) xx

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