Best Friends? (Jacob Black Love Story)

When all the vampires start showing up, sweet little Ayllah phases into a giant snow white wolf. She's scared and she runs away. She doesn't know about the pack. She doesn't know what to do until she meets Jacob Black. Will they stay best friends or become more? Will Jacob's imprint mess with Ayllah's head? What about when someone imprints on her? What will this do?


5. Chapter 5

Ayllah's POV


I pulled away from Embry just looking at him. "What?" He asked trying to grab me again. "I'm 17. I don't know if I'm ready for this. I have a broken leg. I just found out I'm a wolf. I don't even know you." He reached out for me and I stepped out of the way. "Ayllah. This is supposed to be like this. I imprinted on you. That's all there is to it." He started to get angry. "No Embry! It's not fair! I didn't get a choice! I don't want to!!" I yelled at him. Jacob came running around the corner. "What's going on here? Why are we yelling?" Embry spoke before I could even get words out of my mouth. "She's complaining because I imprinted on her. She's acting like a child." I glared at him. "Wow." was all I said as I walked away. Jacob calling after me but I ignored him as I phased and dug my feet into the ground. I felt Jacob phase in. Ayllah! Stop! Come back here. I ignored him and kept running. 

He was quiet for awhile. All of the sudden He jumped out in front of me. I didn't stop though. I sped up and bared my teeth, releasing a snarl. He crouched and prepared himself. As I reached him I didn't go for his throat like he expected me to. I went for his right hind leg. I tasted blood as i bit down hard. He yelped and twisted around for me. I was low enough to the ground that he couldn't get me. AYLLAH! STOP!  I felt his pull as Alpha but couldn't let go. I finally let go of him and backed away quickly. Why?  I didn't know how to answer his question. I just stayed crouched. I watched as he phased out. He untied the shorts that were tied to his leg and slipped them on. He fell to his knees in front of me as an act of submission. "Ayllah. Please. Phase back so I can talk to you." I didn't answer. I just sat down. "Fine. I'll talk. You listen. Imprinting is like falling in love. But stronger. It's when a wolf sees this girl for the first time and he would do anything, be anyone for her. She is now his whole world and belongs to him." 

I threw my wolfy body on the ground and covered my face with my paws and whined. I heard a deep chuckle. I uncovered one eye and saw Jake laughing at me. I stood up and scowled at him. (In this story Jacob isn't imprinted on Reneesme) A low growl slipped out of my throat. He threw his hands up, mocking me. "Woah there killer." He was trying not to smile. I stood up straight and phased back. "I'm gonna kill you Jake." I said walking towards him. "Well you already took a good portion of my leg. Why not take the rest?" He said throwing a wink out there. I ran at him and flung myself on him. He caught me without any trouble and backed me up against the tree nearest. "You're gonna regret that Ay." His voice dropped and sent shivers up my spine. He leaned in just a space away from my face. I leaned forward to press my lips against his. He set me down and put his hands on either side of my head, pressing his body against me. He finally pulled away just enough to look in my eyes. Those brown eyes of his looked sad. "I shouldn't have done that." He whispered before turning and leaving me by myself in the woods. 

I phased back because I didn't have any clothes because my last phase shredded them. I kept replaying the scene back in my head, forgetting that the pack could see. I heard a heartbroken howl rip through the air as I physically felt Embry's pain.

I hung my head and slowed to a walk. I'm so sorry.

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