Best Friends? (Jacob Black Love Story)

When all the vampires start showing up, sweet little Ayllah phases into a giant snow white wolf. She's scared and she runs away. She doesn't know about the pack. She doesn't know what to do until she meets Jacob Black. Will they stay best friends or become more? Will Jacob's imprint mess with Ayllah's head? What about when someone imprints on her? What will this do?


4. Chapter 4

Aydin's POV

I slammed through the Cullen's front door. "WHERE IS SHE??!!!??" I screamed. All the sudden Emmett was in front of me with his hand on my chest. "Back up Aydin. Calm down." I felt myself shaking. "Tell. Me. Where. My. Sister. Is." I said through clenched teeth. Before anyone answered me I phased. Emmett flew back and crouched down. I crouched and snarled. We were circling each other. I charged him and he jumped out of the way and ended up landing on me. I whipped my head around and grabbed his stone-like leg and pulled him off of me and slammed him into the table that was next to us. He got up and growled at me. I growled back and went after him again. This time I got to him and grabbed his head in my jaws. As I was about to finish him off, Sam came through the door. His big black wolf form towering over me but not by much. Let go of him Aydin. I could feel the pull of the Alpha and without my own control let go of Emmett. "Go now!" Esme yelled at me. I ran out of the house and into the woods forgetting about my sister.


Ayllah's POV


When I finally opened my eyes again I was in a dark room. I was sweating like crazy and I couldn't move my left leg. Then all the sudden the pain hit me. I screamed out and someone was by my side. "It's okay. Don't worry." I heard a women's voice. "Why can't I move? Why does it hurt so bad?" I asked, my voice hoarse and barely a whisper. "Your leg is in a splint because of when you fell into the river. My name is Bella by the way. Let me help you up." She got up and walked over to me. Her hands were under my arms when she lifted me up onto some crutches. I followed her out of the room. "Do you need help going down the stairs?" I nodded and she had me get up on her back and she carried me and the crutches down the stairs with ease. When we got downstairs she put me down and gave me my crutches. I hobbled over to where Jacob was sitting with a little girl on the couch. When I sat down next to him he looked up. "Hey! I'll call Carlisle and have him come look at your leg." Before he even said anything Carlisle walked in the door.

"Hello Ayllah. You don't need the crutches. Yes your leg should hurt but not for much longer maybe just for today. Your rapid healing really helped. I can take the splint of now." He crouched down by my leg and unstrapped the straight-leg splint on my left leg. He took it off and grabbed the crutches from me. I put my weight back onto my leg and felt a soreness. "Now. You can't phase for a few more days because it will probably break the bones. Again." He chuckled uneasily.

"Thanks Carlisle." I said as Embry walked into the room. His face lit up and he basically ran over to me. "Ayllah!" He hugged me and I didn't know what to do. I'm so little compared to him so I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him back. I inhaled his scent and he smelled like the forest. "I could get used to this." I mumbled against his chest. "Good." He whispered into my hair. "Because you are mine."

I laughed. "I'm serious Ayllah. I imprinted on you. You are mine and mine only. Forever."


My face fell. Was I ready for this?

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