Best Friends? (Jacob Black Love Story)

When all the vampires start showing up, sweet little Ayllah phases into a giant snow white wolf. She's scared and she runs away. She doesn't know about the pack. She doesn't know what to do until she meets Jacob Black. Will they stay best friends or become more? Will Jacob's imprint mess with Ayllah's head? What about when someone imprints on her? What will this do?


2. Chapter 2

Aydin's POV


---Skipping the giant Volturi scene----

As we were running back to the house, I looked over and saw the small dark brown Emily. She was trying to keep up with me. I slowed my pace and she looked from my feet to my eyes. A wolfy grin crossed her muzzle. She let out a small bark, as a laugh, and then dug in. Her little brown legs working overtime to carry her faster and farther. I watched as she sprinted ahead of me. Come on a catch me wolf boy!  She taunted. Just then she sprinted out of sight. I stopped. I put my nose to the ground to catch her sent. I followed it around in a circle. I stood up straight and looked around. I heard a sound on the ridge behind me. I lifted my nose slightly to the wind and caught her sent. I stood there and waited. When I felt her contact with my back I went with it. She had landed on my back. Me being much bigger it didn't really impact me. My legs bent and she just like bounced off.

Why didn't you fight back?  Her question rang throughout my mind. Because I knew you were there. You have a lot to learn newbie!  I chuckled a bit and started circling her. What are you doing Aydin? Sam's thought interrupted our play. I'm teaching Emily. Then a picture of my sister filled my mind. Ayllah! We have to go find her.  I turned from Emily and ran towards my house. I could hear her behind me. Then all of the sudden Jacob was right next to me. I looked at him and he nodded. We ran together to my house. I phased as I reached the edge of the woods. I walked naked through the yard with Jacob putting his shorts on behind me.

When we got to the house. I noticed the door was demolished and gone. "Don't worry man. We'll find her." Jacob said as he put a hand on my shoulder. We walked through the door and saw claw and scratch marks everywhere. "Mom is gonna kill me!" I said running a hand through my hair. Just then the front door opened. "Ayllah? Aydin? I'm home!!" I heard my mom yell through the house. I walked through the kitchen. "Uh... Hi Mom." She set her purse down on the counter. "Hey Jacob! What's wrong Ay?" She looked at my worried face. "Mom. Ayllah phased. We don't know where she's at and it's already dark." Her face got super red and she was getting angry. "You are grounded Aydin. You can only go out if you absolutely have to. Except for school. Jacob. Go find my daughter please." He nodded and was out the door. He phased before he even got to the woods.


Ayllah's POV


I heard a rustling noise and I was immediately on my feet. I didn't know where it was coming from. I saw a huge wolf coming through the trees. It was ginormous. I cowered back towards the tree I was under. My ears were laying down on my head and I couldn't make eye contact with it. Then all the sudden a naked guy was standing where the wolf was. "Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you. Is your name Ayllah?" He put his hands up like he was defending himself. I cocked my head and he smiled. "Good. Now I want you to do me a favor. Don't hurt me. I'm just gonna check you out." I felt my lip curl up into a snarl and a growl slipped out of my mouth. "Damn. You're huge for a newbie and a girl. My name is Jacob Black. I am the Alpha of one of the Quileute packs. You have a choice. My pack or Sam Uley's pack. Choose now. Commit your heart and when I phase I will be able to talk to you through our thoughts if you choose my pack. But I need you to phase back." I sat down on my haunches. "You need to think human. Feel the heat transfer from your wolf to your human." I closed my eyes. I felt the heat and the pain until I opened my eyes. I realized I was naked in the forest. "Umm Hi." I said. "Hey! I bet this is really awkward because you're naked." He chuckled nervously.

"Which one is my brother in?" I asked. "He's in Sam's. Sam's is a few people bigger than mine. He's got Paul, Jared, Aydin, Emily, Austin, Collin, Brady, Garrett, and himself. I've got Quil, Embry, Seth, Leah and myself." He stated, counting on his fingers. "But you have to decide while you're a wolf." I nodded. "Wait! How do I get back to a wolf?" I asked. "Think wolf. Or get mad."

I turned and walked away from him. When I turned back around he was right there. His big hands grabbed my waist and pulled my naked body to his. He paused a minute before leaning down and kissing me. Roughly and painfully. I felt the heat rise in my body. I started to shake. He smiled into the kiss and then let go of me. "Yes. Get mad." He whispered before he backed away from me. This time phasing wasn't as painful as the first. Once I'm human and the next thing I know is that I'm snarling and growling at this very gorgeous boy. He laughed and then phased into a giant wolf. I saw the playfulness in his brown eyes. And then he stopped. I blinked my blue eyes. I closed them and committed.

I felt the presence of other people like in my mind. Woah! Who's the new girl? Someone's voice rang through my mind. Umm hi. I'm Ayllah. Aydin's sister. I thought out to them. I got a bunch of hello's and then I heard Jacob's voice. We need to go to Sam's house. Let's go. I decided that since I didn't know where I was going that I was gonna follow Jake. I opened my eyes and realized he was gone. How do I get there?!? I frantically asked. I'm near you. I can smell you. I'll be there in a minute.

I didn't know who I was waiting for until I heard a wolf crash through the trees. Suddenly a grey wolf with black spots on his back came bounding out of the woods.


Embry's POV


As I ran through the woods following her scent. When I came to her my world stopped. She was so beautiful. I don't even know what she looked like not phased but it'd be so pretty. I'd be anything, hurt anyone, just to save her. I knew I was all thinking this and then Jacob's voice came into my head. Embry! What? Oh great! 

I know I've just imprinted on the newest member of our pack.


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