Best Friends? (Jacob Black Love Story)

When all the vampires start showing up, sweet little Ayllah phases into a giant snow white wolf. She's scared and she runs away. She doesn't know about the pack. She doesn't know what to do until she meets Jacob Black. Will they stay best friends or become more? Will Jacob's imprint mess with Ayllah's head? What about when someone imprints on her? What will this do?


1. Chapter 1

Ayllah's POV


"No! I'm done! I'm not gonna cover for you anymore Aydin! I've gotten in so much trouble for you and I am done!" I yelled at my older brother who wanted me to cover while he snuck out. I felt the heat rising in my blood and I started to shake. I've been feeling off the past few days and I don't know why. "Ayllah. Calm down. You need to go on a walk." My shorthaired, shirtless, tattooed brother said. "I need to go find Sam." I took a step towards him. "No Aydin. You don't." The heat was rising and it was kinda painful to be honest.

He backed away from me like a little tiny girl was gonna hurt him. "Ayllah. Stop. You need to calm down." He got to the door and ran out towards the woods. I didn't even wait to watch where he was going, the pain became so excruciating that I couldn't focus on anything. I dropped to my knees as it feels like my bones are being broken and moving inside of me. I screamed and closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes I noticed that instead of hands there were feet. Not just normal feet either. Big white paws. I screamed. But instead of a scream it was a howl. I stood up and realized that I was almost too big for my small entryway. I started to run and ran right through the front door. I ran towards the woods and kept going. I didn't stop. I ran until it was dark. I laid down in the grass under a pine tree and drifted off to a dreamless wolf sleep.


Aydin's POV


"Yeah Jake. She was shaking just like I was before I phased. I told her she needed to calm down. I did everything I should have. And then I ran. I chickened out and ran. And now I'm standing in my demolished entryway. What am I gonna tell my mom Jacob?" I asked my friend through the phone. Yes. I am a werewolf. Part of the first Quileute pack. Led by Sam Uley. I phased a month ago right before all the Cullen's friends showed up. More and more kids have been phasing. They have the choice. Jake's pack or Sam's pack. I chose Sam because he's older and I would think he has the most experience.

"Aydin! I need you to come over to Billy's please." Jake told me over the phone. "We need to get someone to go find her but the Cullen's need us. Right now." Then the line went dead.

I threw the phone and ran out the door. I phased as soon as I hit the woods. Sam! Ayllah's phased! She's lost! I thought. I waited for a reply from my Alpha. Don't worry Aydin. I'm sure she's fine. We need you here right now. I felt him phase out. My black and white paws hit the ground and pulled me along faster now. I finally reached Billy's and phased. I walked up to the door and walked in. I walked into Jake's room and grabbed a pair of shorts. I slipped them on and walked out back. I saw everyone from both packs there. Jacob, Leah, Seth, Quil, and Embry were all one pack and then Sam, Paul, Jared, Collin, Brady, and a bunch of younger guys I didn't know. Even one girl who I didn't know. The young ones decided to go with Sam too.

"What's the deal?" I asked as I walked up to Sam. "It's happening. The Volturi will be here any minute. We need to go." Sam said as he walked towards the woods. "What about my sister?" I yelled to him. "We'll find her afterwards! C'mon!" He phased and the big black wolf standing in his place took off at a run. I walked as everyone phased too. Jacob, the rusty colored wolf bigger than all of us, even Sam. Leah, the slight grey and black wolf. Seth, the gangly sandy colored wolf. Quil, the dark chocolate colored wolf. Embry, the grey wolf with black spots on his back. Paul, the light brown wolf. Jared, the light grey wolf. Collin, the calico looking wolf. Brady, the dark grey wolf. The other girl, a small dark brown wolf. Another boy, small and dark grey. The last new recruit, a light blonde wolf with black tips on his ears and tail. Then me, a black and white blended wolf almost as big as Sam.

I pounded my paws into the dirt and moss as I chased after the rest of the packs. Who are the new ones?  I asked to no one in particular. I'm Austin. I'm the blonde wolf!  A cheery thought back to me. I'm Emily! The young girl replied to me. Before anyone else could say anything I caught the terrible smell of the Cullen's. It smelled like bleach was being poured into my nostrils. My ears flattened as we reached the clearing. We ran out and just in time too.

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