The Pit

Charlie has turned 13, the lucky age. After being trapped in The Pit for 12 years, he is finally being set free into the world. But, is the outside world all it's supposed to be? Charlie discovers that people can mistruth, hurt you and that funny little thing called love might just happen...

The cover was made by @LillyAnna so all cover credits go straight to her.


2. School Day


I start to head towards the cornered off-sector of The Pit in front of me, the large luminous sign reading SCHOOL swinging in the gentle spring breeze.

'Hey, Charlie, wait up!' a shrill voice yells behind me, and I spin rapidly round to see Kim sprinting towards me, a torn plastic bag holding several amounts of books banging against her thin legs. 

'Hey Kim,' I say as she reaches me, placing a hand on my shoulder to steady herself, panting wildly as if she were some form of dog. 

'What's with the plastic bag,' I ask quizzically, eyeing the bag suspiciously and swinging my own fabric bag around to my side. 

'My bag broke on the way here, and this was the only substitute Henry would give me. I have to go to H&G after school,' she says, and I roll my eyes. 

'Henry would never give you a fabric bag for free,' I say and she sighs.

'Yeah, but Gale would give me one for today and make me pay after school. Henry just chucked me this one. It's already torn because of the sharp corners of my books. It will last for school I reckon.' They continued walking towards school, reaching there just in time for Miss Thorpe to ring the school bell. The tinny sound echoed through out The Pit, signalling the beginning of the school time. 

'Come on, 12th's over here please. No, 10th's are with Miss McCartney,' Miss Thorpe snaps, waving her hand over in the direction of the 10th's teacher who was standing smiling. The child ran over to Miss McCartney, sitting down and waiting for the register to be called.

'Charlie, Kim, sit down! The register is being called, so listen up! If your name is not called, a letter will be sent to which ever shack you live at.' Charlie and Kim sat down simultaneously, legs crossed, waiting patiently for their names to be called. When Miss Thorpe is your teacher, discipline is strict and you behave yourself extremely well. 

'Paris, here! Gary, here! Courtney, here! Charlie, here! Kim, here!' It took a good five minutes to get through the entire 12'th register.

'Now, 12th's please get out your English books and write at least one sentence on what you like about the outside world.' Charlie sighed. English was not his best subject. 

I like the outside world because you aren't cooped up in one place all the time and Miss Thorpe isn't always breathing down your neck, ordering you about all the time. 

There, done thought Charlie, putting down his pen. I'm always done first, considering I never really write a lot compared to Kim who is still frantically scribbling her sentence down. Usually she will do three or four sentences and is Miss Thorpe's favourite. I constantly make fun of her, saying she is a "suck up" and a "complete nerd", which she tries to ignore but I know it gets to her. 

'You should now be finished,' Miss Thorpe snaps, and holds out her hands. We form a queue and hand our pieces of work into her. Then, when she has collected them all in, she nods and we begin our next lesson...

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