The Pit

Charlie has turned 13, the lucky age. After being trapped in The Pit for 12 years, he is finally being set free into the world. But, is the outside world all it's supposed to be? Charlie discovers that people can mistruth, hurt you and that funny little thing called love might just happen...

The cover was made by @LillyAnna so all cover credits go straight to her.


3. H&G


Miss Thorpe stands up and rings the bell loud and clear. We all cheer and almost instantly a flood of large and small children charge out of the cornered section and away. I run with Kim, who is clutching her broken bag to her chest. Several books are jutting out dangerously and she has managed to stab a 11th rather viciously in the chest by accident. 

'Sorry,' she yells as he runs off, rubbing his chest. I laugh. We manage to escape the mad sea of children and start to head towards H&G. 

'Gale should start her shift now,' Kim says and I nod. Henry does the morning shift, Gale in the afternoon and the pair in the evening. Henry can't stand the children. We reach the shop and run inside. It is already swamped with school children and I smile. Gale is behind the counter, serving customers.

'Come on, we need to get me a bag,' Kim says and pulls me over to the section where the school bags are. 

'Do you want pink or pink?' I ask, joking around.

'Pink please,' she answers and grabs the one nearest to her. I smile at my own joke. You can only get pink bags if your a girl, and navy blue if your a boy. She walks over to the counter and we stand in the queue.

'Miss really loved your sentence today,' I say, poking her in the shoulder. She grins and rubs her arm.

'Ow! And yes, she did, but so what? At least she didn't hold me back at break.' I smile sheepishly. Miss Thorpe hadn't appreciated my joke about her breathing down my neck. The conversation went a little like this: 

ME: Yes Miss? What did I do?

MISS: Your sentence Charlie. That's what you did.

ME: What do you mean Miss? 

MISS: Charlie, you know exactly what I mean.

ME: *grinning slightly* Ok, maybe I do Miss, but my sentence is every part accurate and true then the next guy.

MISS: Charlie, I do not breathe down your neck, and you know that very well!

ME: Yes Miss, but I was trying to add a slight amount of humour.

MISS: Well, it certainly didn't make me laugh.

ME: Yes, but it made me laugh. *laughs and runs off*.

'I still can't believe you wrote that rude of a sentence!' Kim laughed. I grinned again.

'Well, she needs to laugh every once in a while. The old bat's never smiled never mind laughed at all. She needs to lighten up.'

'Who needs to lighten up?' asks a voice and I realise I'm at the counter. Kim hands over her bag and smiles.

'Miss Thorpe does,' she says.

'According to Charlie.' 

'Charlie, you shouldn't talk about people like that. But,' she says, leaning close and whispering to us,

'I cracked a joke at her once and she just frowned and walked on by the old bat. Your right.' I and Kim burst out laughing and Gale smiles, swiping Kim's bag against the screen. She hands it over.

'That's a pound please,' she smiles and Kim hands over the money as well as the plastic bag.

'Here. Henry gave me this as a replacement and I thought I should give it back.'

'No, it's fine. Keep it,' Gale smiles.

'Thanks! I can use it to mend the hole in my shack roof,' smiles Kim.

'Are you two going to the cafe?' Gale asks and I shake my head.

'Sorry Gale, but I can't. Want a goodnight's sleep.' I say.

'Hitting 8 tomorrow.'

'Just 8?' gasps Gale. I nod,

'Yeah, 8 more days and I'm out of this place.' She smiles as we leave.

'Bye,' she calls. I wave.


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