The Pit

Charlie has turned 13, the lucky age. After being trapped in The Pit for 12 years, he is finally being set free into the world. But, is the outside world all it's supposed to be? Charlie discovers that people can mistruth, hurt you and that funny little thing called love might just happen...

The cover was made by @LillyAnna so all cover credits go straight to her.


4. 8 Days To Go

I wake up with a bubbly feeling inside my stomach although I don't know why. Then I remember I have hit 8. I smile with excitement and leap out of bed. Yanking on my scruffy school uniform, I drag a comb through my hair and decide against brushing my teeth. Instead I grab a mint and run out of the house with my school bag. Glancing rapidly at the Old Town Clock, the time surprises me and I gain pace. My worn leather shoes slap against the floor as I grow nearer the school. Another glance. Sugar, I think. Five minutes until the start of school and I'm six minutes away. Maybe she'll let me off one minute? No, this is Miss Thorpe, she's practically the demon with twenty face lifts, too tight pencil skirts and skyscraper heels. I whip round a corner and I spy the school, so close yet so far. Time check. Two minutes to three minutes. I urge my legs to go faster and they try, but I've never been much of an athlete and they somehow slow down. No! They gain pace again and I'm so close to the school that the strong stench of dusty chalk and perspiration from the outside gym tunnels deep into my nostrils. Brilliant yellow gates loom in front of me and as I practically launch my entire body through the entrance and into my seat-


'Here Miss!' I pipe and Miss Thorpe raises her caterpillar eyebrows slowly. I ignore the shocked looks of others, for whatever reason they're looking shocked about, and smile smugly. I did it! My body tingles with excitement and adrenaline. It seems rather stupid, to be so proud of not getting to school late, but no one has ever got to school late and got away with it. Yes, NO ONE! I feel like I'm floating on Cloud 9 even though the clouds, wether it be 9 or not, are soaring high above me.

'Charlie? May I have a word with you please in, ahem, private?' asks a voice and I realise Miss Thorpe is calling me over. Then I look around and everybody is staring at me, eyebrows high, mouths open as if they want to catch a buzzing fly. I get up and saunter over, unable to wipe my proud grin off my face. For a minute Miss Thorpe smiles at me, and I think she's going to congratulate me on hitting eight, but then her smile drops and so does my pride. Oops.

'Charlie, explain to me why I had to call your name NINE times?'

'Nine times Miss?' I squeak and gulp. It's deadly silent, even in the little ones class and everyone can hear our "private" conversation.

'Yes, nine times Charlie, did you not hear me?'

'I did Miss.'

'I thought you hadn't. Now, Charlie, do tell me why you were so late?' I shrug.

'That doesn't give me an answer Charlie.' I can feel her icy eyes piercing into me like a lazer beam.

'I-I'm not sure,' I murmur and she smiles wickedly, in a jeering and mocking way.

'That's what I thought. Now Charlie, I know that you have hit eight, but it gives you no excuse to act differently.' I nod.

'Go sit back down now.' I walk glumly to my seat next to Kim and smile meekly at her. Her mouth is still wide open like a dark cave. She says nothing but simply shakes her head, tuts softly and turns to listen to Miss.

Not the best eight day if I do say so myself...

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