the best cindrella story

Elena is just a girl.both parents died and an evil step mom and sister.shes a fan of one direction and she discovers that they will go to her school for senior year.

but........... there's a secret.only her parents knew what will it be .~~read to know~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i changed one direction's ages in the story. enjoy but they one direction don't show up till chapter 2


3. why me?


we were walking to get our books and all when i realized harry is gone!



whats wrong Louis? Liam asked 


um did any one see harry?i asked nervously 


no i thought he was with you! Zayn said almost screaming 

Hey guys?i think i found him Niall siad pointing in harry's direction. and he was taking to a girl?

he was now coming to us 


hey hazza hows the girl? i asked 

oh um.. well that was Ella i bumped in to her. he said

okay guys lets go get our stuff. Liam said

okay! we all said at the same time


                                    *ELLA'S P.O.V*

after i left i went over to caitlyn she was there just staring at me with her eyes wide open

what?  i ask

you just taked to harry harry freakin styles she whisper yelled so that we dont get attention 

i know so.. wait a second!i said 

what she asked 

where is Genesis? i ask if your wondering genesis is also my bff. she has long dyed red hair,dark eyes,she is shy at school and out going every where else!

i dont know.  caitlyn said


okay dont worry she siad while calling her

hello? caitlyn said

where are you genesis !

ohh okay,Bye 

she hung up 

okay Ella she is right ....

but before she can finish we heard a 

HELLO GUYS MISS ME OFF COURSE YOU DO! genesis said joking around

GENESIS! both me and caitlyn running torwords her .

you see her parents always travel all around the world and this summer she had to go so we did not see her all summer 

so i heard one direction are coming to school is that true? she asked 

ot is true and we have lucky Ella here who bumped into harry styles and talked to him! caitlyn said all hypred which then came by a Genesis giving me a (what the heck did you do look)

 what do you guys have next?i asked chnging the subject

math.Caitlyn said in a sad face she hates math

i have Social StudiesGenesis said also looking sad not cause she hates it or any thing its cause she nows we will not be together 

i have history .i said and with that the belll rang scaring all three of us

we said our goodbyes and  headed to our classes

                                                     *ZAYN'S P.O.V*

we went got our stuff put in our lockers then we meet up again

so what do you have first ?liam asked 

history! i said 

P.E. Louis said 

science harry said

Art. Niall 

music. Liam said

i thought Simon told them to have us in the same classes. Niall said complaining 

I guess not. i told niall and then the bell rang

ohh no the history room is all the way at the other end of school i better run


i finally reached class and barged in

SORRY IM LATE i said out of breathe 

Its okay for today mr. malik our teacher mr. h said

i found a seat at the end of the room and sat down

                                              *ELLA'S P.O.V*

i reached class and sat at a random chair 

Good morning class im mr. h your history teacher your gonna be having a very impor....

some one barged in before he could finish

wait Zayn malik is in my class like no way

SORRY IM LATE  he said sitting 2 rows in front of me 

its okay for today mr.malik he said

as i was saying we will have a very important project  which will tell me what type of research you can do i will partner you up 

sarah q and luke b.

emily w and william n.

after he partnered all the class me,zayn,lola,and caroline where left

caroline  and 

please be zayn please be zayn

caroline and lola 

Ellena and zayn

noooooooooooo why me! i shouted in my brain

after this class i had P.E 

so we talk about the project zayn asked me. 

okay bye i said running to p.e

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~at p.e~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Harry's P.O.V

the captin said we would be working in partners and we get to choose and of course all the girls want to be with me i kept looking around the gym until i saw Ella 

wait shes in my gym class i was gonna ask her to be partners until i saw her going to a girl and im guessing its her friend and the just walked to the other side until they reached the end of gym so i guess im gonna have to partner up with some one else.

i found a guy so i partnered up with him


i went to gym to find almost every girl looking at harry and thats means we are gonna be in partners i found Genesis .

Genesis i said and she turned around 

Ella okay i found my partner she said pulling me to the other side of the gym for no reason

i feel bad for caitlyn 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~skip gym  (lunch)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

i meet up with zayn we decided to make our project about ancient Egypt cause it has all these gods and all.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~end of the day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

i went home finished my homework and decided to work on my music i have a secret side of my room where has my music and recording kit its sound prof.yes sound prof you see Genesis and caitlyn know about the music thing and me singing and all so for my birthday when the royal family left for vacation. they made my secret side sound prof yes i have a recording kit. i always save up to buy what i want i was about to go to the secret side when Britney walked in.


what do you need i said 

well i guess mom never told u she said she is so annoying 

no what do i not know ? i asked

well one direction are coming over for dinner you better start cooking 


you must be wondering why are one direction coming over well ashley my step mom is a producer so she invites the stars who have song ideas so i meat alot 

***********************un freeze*************************

wait what?! i yelled

you herd me now go to work she said with her evil smirk!

oh and if i where you i would cover my face from zayn or he will want to stop the project with you she said 

wait how does she know?

o well!

here i go to cooking.

i went to the kitchen to see my step brother in his chef hat and apron. he is in 5th grade and he is really sweet. ashley never takes good care of him se\he is more with britney 

what are you doing?i asked nick

im helping you what else he said 

okay then lets start working!!


must read


so when there are authers note it ]s always importantif i dont have them then there is nothing to say i will tell you my updating schedule its mostly weekends of each week. and no one guessed my age but its fine plz do if you wanna be in the story there is always place for another person 


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