the best cindrella story

Elena is just a girl.both parents died and an evil step mom and sister.shes a fan of one direction and she discovers that they will go to her school for senior year.

but........... there's a secret.only her parents knew what will it be .~~read to know~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i changed one direction's ages in the story. enjoy but they one direction don't show up till chapter 2



I woke up by the sound of my alarm! OMG IT'S THE FIRST DAY OF SENIOR YEAR! finally one more year then America here I come! you see for college i'm auditioning to Hollywood arts. (from victorius) i got accepted but no one knows.Only Caitlyn shes my best friend.unlike me she is beautiful she has curly blonde hair,blue eyes. People think she is calm they are so wrong once you get to know her she is wild and childish and out going. I on the other hand have brown weavy hair,brown and hazel eyes they change with my mood. im not really shy and i'm not wild either. i looked at the clock 7:50 OMG im gonna be late. i picked my out fit. i wore a cool shirt. jean shorts,sandals and a butter fly necklace(pic of it at the end) i brushed my hair and left it down. DON'T TRY TO MAKE ME STAY OR ASK IF I'M OKAY harry's voice played through my phone! wait a second!! did i mention i'm a huge directioner? NO! well i do. if your wondering why i like them its because thier  songs make me feel wanted on this world them and caitlyn! and i love niall most. i might ot be carefree but he is and its cute! 


YOU ARE LATE MISSY! caitlyn screamed on the phone 

calm down im coming.

ok but dont forget your guitar and song book we have practice! she said 

k dont worry,bye

c ya.and then she hung up

i took my things and went downstairs. if your wondering about practice. well you see caitlyn plays guitar.i sing, play guitar, and piano. so we decided to make covers and share them to youtube we are gonna start working on the first  video.

hey caitlyn whats up?

i'm good you?

fine thanks!

well Ella how was your summer?she said knowing the answer 

HA HA HA you are the funniest i said in a sarcastic way 

ya mine was not great either she replied to my sarcasam 

lets just go i said.

Caitlyn is always nice to give me a ride to school cause the royal family never let's me ride with them

so i bet your excited. Caitlyn said breaking the silence 

yes i am last year then here i come holly wood!!

so you don't know don't you?

know what? i asked Caitlyn 


well what caitlyn tell me !

ONEDIRECTIONAEGONNABEINOURSCHOOL! she spoke way to fast that i could not under stand

what?i asked

calm down caitlyn she told her self!!!!!! he said between breathes 

SHUT UP NO THEIR NOT i screamed to her i was so happy

wait how do i know your not lying caitlyn?

check you twitter, duhh! she said

i opened my twitter and checked 

it was true they are coming to our school!

AHHHHHH we both screamed together 


we are here yes! caitlyn screamed 

Lets go get our lockers and schedule!

we went got the schedules and went to caitlyn's locker 

come on lets go she finished putting her books in her locker so we were going to mine .

suddenly we heard a girls scream on top of their lungs next thing i know i'm being pushed to ground with all my things going flying and i was being stepped on. caitlyn some how managed to get away quickly.

OH MY GOD ARE YOU OK. she asked and helped  me up 

yeh im just dizzy help me pick up my stuff 


we where going to my locker when i saw them 

                                                            ONE DIRECTION

i kept looking when suddenly 

~~~~~HARRY P.O.V~~~~~~

wow these girls are crazy finally me and the boys are in the building 

we where walking when suddenly i bumped in to something


i looked down to see a beautiful girl on the floor with book all around her

GOD...i am so sorry i said helping her up she seemed really dizzy cause she could barley walk straight.

why is every one bumping into me today?she said 

its okay i guess i mean i was dizzy cause an angry mob came running over me so i got dizzy and bumped into you.she said while picking up her books 

here let me help i said while helping her with the books.

ummm thanks. I'm Elena by the way but every one calls me Ella 

I'm harry.harry styles nice to meet you 

I guess ill be seeing you around then!

ya i guess you will! i spotted a guitar on her back

hey you play guitar?

um yeh i do 

Niall plays guitar too

yeh.. i shoud get going to but my things in my locker and before i bump in to some one else bye she said


                                      finish 2nd chapter

                          ~~~AUTHORS NOTE~~~~

hey guys this is a longer chapter and i hope you enjoyed and i have a Question by this story till now how old do u think i am? tell me ! another thing CAITLYN Ella's best friend is played as @CaitlynTomilson12 if u wanna be a character tell me .love~~OMGmuch~~and plz like fan and add this to ur favs thx.  here is Ella's out fit 


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