When the Clowns Come Out


Life for a teenagers in Sayetown is tricky. When night falls, the clown come out. And not for a laugh.

Normal teenager Jessie Lawtee can't help but be scared like everyone else. The town hid secrets, secrets no-one from the normal world could even come across. These clowns had been roaming the town for decades, finding their way out into the darkness of the night.
When something major happens between some of the students in her year, its dragged on after school. Everyone is too pumped to realize what consequences they have just stumbled across...
Will anyone be able to survive the night in Sayetown... or Clowntown?


3. Rules of ClownTown

Chapter 1


'Don't forget you spare set of house keys, Jessie, please!' mum called, as I opened the small front gate. I waved a dismissive hand, jingling the set of keys in the other. She smiled and waved after me as I stalked off down the street, twirling the keys around my index finger. I had a happy and smiley feeling today, and it felt different. Was it right to feel like that, even though my town was crawling with monsters? Monsters that claimed my father?

I ignored my own thoughts, and even did a small twirl in the middle of the street. I'd sort of grown used to the Clowns, but it didn't mean I wasn't afraid. If I had a detention, I would complete it and move out. I wouldn't wait around for anything or anyone; I would disappear. I totally avoided detentions in winter as it would take me half an hour to get home, and by then it would be dark anyway. No-body was granted detentions in Winter anyway.

It was crazy, I knew it was crazy. Many others believed it to be too. No punishments? Well, if they served their punishment, they'd be getting an extra over the top. DEATH. The other crazy thing included the fact that no-one had ever left town. Ever. It was just part of the town, a crazy curse that followed. Once you'd chosen your designated part of town you were destined to stay there forever. If the clowns got you, that was your problem. It was sad to have to think about it like that. But that was the way things were.



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