When the Clowns Come Out


Life for a teenagers in Sayetown is tricky. When night falls, the clown come out. And not for a laugh.

Normal teenager Jessie Lawtee can't help but be scared like everyone else. The town hid secrets, secrets no-one from the normal world could even come across. These clowns had been roaming the town for decades, finding their way out into the darkness of the night.
When something major happens between some of the students in her year, its dragged on after school. Everyone is too pumped to realize what consequences they have just stumbled across...
Will anyone be able to survive the night in Sayetown... or Clowntown?


2. Prologue





'Jessie, honey, could you come inside now please?' my mum asked, the stripy red tea towel resting on her shoulder. She smiled at me sweetly, but even at four years old, I could read the strange fright in her eyes.

The sun was beginning to set below the houses on the opposite side of the road, but I could still feel energy bubbling inside of my veins, ready to rip loose. I held the small football in my arms, smiling back at my mum.

'Can I play for a few more minutes? Please?' I begged, ready to drop the ball and kick it across the front garden. The small brown-painted fence cordoned off our garden from the neighbours, so I didn't really have much room to play. All the same I enjoyed the odd kick about, and felt an amazing rush every time I missed my mum's plant pots.

'It'll be dark soon' mum spoke, and I could pick out a slight quiver in her voice. For a moment a pure look of fright crossed her face but she quickly hid it as she watched my smile fade.

'Mummy, what's wrong?' I asked, dropped the football. I knelt down and retrieved it back into my arms. I didn't like leaving the ball outside when night came. I always thought someone might take have taken it.

'No, I'm sorry honey. Being outside in the dark is dangerous. You wouldn't want to hurt yourself, would you darling?'

I nodded understandingly, even though the thought of being able to play for just five more minutes seemed so appealing. I padded up the path and through the doorway, then dropped my football in the small play basket by the door. I began to climb the stairs and turned on the spot to ask mum something. She was busy gazing outside, as if searching for something that wasn't there.

'What is it?' I queried, forgetting the actual question I was going to ask.

'Nothing, hon. Why don't you head on upstairs and brush your teeth. Then you can settle down, and I'll read you a story just after I've had my dinner. Your father should be home any moment.'

The fear in her eyes returned. Her eyes then became blurry with water, and I could tell she was going to cry.

'What's wrong, mummy?'

'Nothing. Brush your teeth, Jess. Don't let me remind you again.'

She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and slammed the door shut. Then she wandered into the kitchen, disappearing out of my sight. I sighed and headed upwards, down the landing then into the bathroom. I usually liked to gaze out of the window as I brushed, watching the sun disappear and the moon take it's place.

I grabbed my brush and paste, and began to scrub. I climbed on top of the toilet seat, watching the silver stars as they began to twinkle. Soon the sky became a midnight blue, and something suddenly caught my eye.

Someone was striding along the street. I felt the odd feeling of fear. I never, ever saw anyone walking. That's when I noticed two people following. No, they weren't, they weren't people! They were...clowns? What were clowns doing following the man?

The small gate that led up the path to our front door opened. I could instantly tell that that was my daddy, and I opened my mouth to call for my mum, but someone grabbed my mouth.

'Shh, honey, it's only me. Don't make a sound. Everything will be okay.'

Suddenly my ears were covered, and even through the gentle lullaby of my mum's soothing voice, I heard the screams that came from the street below.





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