When the Clowns Come Out


Life for a teenagers in Sayetown is tricky. When night falls, the clown come out. And not for a laugh.

Normal teenager Jessie Lawtee can't help but be scared like everyone else. The town hid secrets, secrets no-one from the normal world could even come across. These clowns had been roaming the town for decades, finding their way out into the darkness of the night.
When something major happens between some of the students in her year, its dragged on after school. Everyone is too pumped to realize what consequences they have just stumbled across...
Will anyone be able to survive the night in Sayetown... or Clowntown?


4. Not Interested

I arrived through the school gates and met my best friend, Amber. She had a small smile already waiting to greet me. Then we walked through the main entrance of the school and into the café. We sat in unison.

'So, I was thinking...you know Jase? Should I go for it?'

I shrugged. Deep down I thought it would be amazing for my best friend to date someone who was totally perfect for her. On the other hand, I was jealous. I knew I shouldn't have been, but I was. All I could think was what if Jase got Clown flu?

'Thanks for the support.'

I could tell Amber meant it sarcastically. Sarcasm was one of her traits. Good or bad, she used it for everything. I didn't mind, though. You needed something like that in a school such as ours.

'I think it'd be good if you go for it. You never know.'

She grinned. Then she looked up and her smile fell dramatically. I glanced in the direction that she was looking, and saw Mason walking with his large group. To any normal person, that would have been fine. But to Amber and I; no. Just. No.

'So, Jessssssie...' Mason spoke, dragging on the 's'. He beamed at his friends. Then he turned back to me.

'Still missing daddy? You shouldn't be. He's a monster now.'

I was about to jump up and demand that he fight with me, but Amber grabbed my blazer by the cuff.

'She's not interested, Mason' she growled fiercely, sending him her filthiest look. I grabbed back my nerve and sat down. Mason grinned, baring his white teeth. 

'Careful, Jessie. You might just... catch something.'

He and his group of morons laughed like a pack of hyenas, and moved onto another couple of year sevens to bother. I could feel anger boil in my stomach. I was so glad to have Amber keep me back.

'Don't listen to him, Jess. His stupid. And idiotic. Don't let him or your past bother you.'

I agreed immediately. She was right. I had an education, I had... that was all I could think of. And even I, the complete and utter useless mathematician, knew that was not a very big list. 


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