When the Clowns Come Out


Life for a teenagers in Sayetown is tricky. When night falls, the clown come out. And not for a laugh.

Normal teenager Jessie Lawtee can't help but be scared like everyone else. The town hid secrets, secrets no-one from the normal world could even come across. These clowns had been roaming the town for decades, finding their way out into the darkness of the night.
When something major happens between some of the students in her year, its dragged on after school. Everyone is too pumped to realize what consequences they have just stumbled across...
Will anyone be able to survive the night in Sayetown... or Clowntown?


6. Darkness

Pretty much everybody in our year group hung out together after school. Amber and I followed a shifty crowd towards the car park, where Mason and co, and Liam and co, stood on opposite sides of the car park. Once the crowd had settled, phones came out, and everything was ready to kick off.

'Who do you think'll win?' Amber asked me, but I didn't do more than shrug. It was hard to tell. Even though I hated the guts off Mason, I couldn't believe I would admit that he was a pretty tough guy. An idiot, but a strong one.

'I have my money on Liam,' a girl grinned, edging into our conversation.

'Actually, I'm going to have to go with you on that one,' Amber agreed. Both girls went into a full conversation whilst I stood alone, rubbing my bare arms. Why hadn't I grabbed my coat? Or my blazer? I'd left them both at home this morning. I was lucky to have gotten into school.

After a flurry of movement, two scrambling bodies fell to the floor. It reminded me of cartoons, with the rising dirt, the kicking, the punching, the sudden appearance of faces. Everyone was too caught up to realize the dark clouds were moving in fast. Shoot.

'Amber, look,' I whispered, shivers climbing up my spine. She followed my gaze, and her eyes widened. 

'Crap,' she hissed. Street lights began to flicker. 'How long have we been here? It didn't feel like that long!'

'I bet it's the curse,' I whispered back. 'They know were all out here. Now they're coming to get us.'

'STOP!' Amber yelled, pushing through the crowds. 'Liam, Mason, stop it now! They're coming! The clowns are coming!' The crowd let out curse words and gasps. The group of students fell silent.

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