Mute || A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Sam is a tomboy. A not girly girl. She loves rock and only has boys as friends. Really, her life sucks. But that's all going to change when she's offered a new job.


7. Chapter O7||

(A/N: Secretly I'm in love with people who comment... #slighthint)

Choose a job you love, and you'll never have to work a single day in your life. -Confucius

Chapter Seven||

Three full months. It's been three full months since our first performance. We would have a concert on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And sometimes Thursday too. Every weekend the tour bus dropped me at my apartment for the weekend and picked me up at Monday. But not anymore.

We were rehearsing for the new songs we were going to play. It's pretty boring to play the same five songs for six months. So we got other ones. Veronica and Niall weren't together yet, but I could tell that Veronica had a huge crush on him. Well, Veronica could tell that herself too. Too bad for Dan.

"Shake it out shake it out, shake it out shake it out, o whoa 

Shake it out shake it out, shake it out shake it out, o whoa 

And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back so shake him off, o whoa"

It was my favorite song and thank god that Veronica loved it too. We were playing this song for the tenth time now, because at one part there is a little breakdown. Anyways, it was pretty shocking that Victor told us to have a short break. I didn't even know that Victor knew about this thing called 'a break'. Anyways, he told us to have a short break. So we walked off the stage and Veronica went to the dressing room while I just walked straight to Victor. I crossed my arms and looked at him. He raised his eyebrows. "What's up?"

"The sky," I replied sarcastically and it worked. He frowned. I pushed him playfully. "Well, what's the deal? You need to tell us something?" Victor frown disappeared and he nodded. "The fans like you two girls, but we're going to the states. If you want to keep your job, and we want to keep you as One Directions openings act, you'll need to move out of your apartment and quit college."

I sighed frustrated. I was kinda expecting something like that, but it still was a shock. "So it's college or my job?" Victor nodded. "Think about it. We leave on the 26th."

I nodded and walked to the dressing room to see Veronica with Dan. I grabbed my phone to check the time. 14:52 19/8/'13. (A/N: Yes I know its not 19/8/' 13)

Holy shit.

"Veronica?" I started, getting her attention. "Hmm?" 

"If we need to move to America for this job, would you do that? Quit college for this?" Veronica shrugged. 

"I would probably move, but only if I could trust someone with Rachel. College isn't that big of a problem. We could start college years later if we need to. Why do you ask?"

I smiled at her honest answer. She definitely had a point. "We kinda need to move to America because One Direction is touring there and the fans like us?" Veronica looked up with raised eyebrows but didn't look that shocked as I was. Well, obviously everybody loved Veronica. She was the pretty singer. I was the boy with the guitar. I was pretty sure 99% of those fans don't even realize I'm an actual girl.

Our lives have changed. Please understand me right, we haven't changed. At least I thought so. I actually like this job. I get a lot of money -I know, I know. I don't need it but it still feels good to earn it yourself-, it's kinda funny to live with five boys and a girl -obviously because they know they have no chance with me so they're all over Veronica-, but I have to be really honest. I'm terrified. 

I'm terrified to lose my friends at home. I'm terrified to lose my intrest in videogames. I'm terrified to lose my love for my kind of music and be all brainwashed by those five little love-song-singing boys. But most of all, I'm terrified to lose myself. I still want to bethe girl who wears black band shirts and low jeans, a hoodie and a cap. I still want to be the girl who gagges on thinking about wearing a dress. I still wanna be lazy, still wanna have a huge appetite and I still want to smell like shit and don't give a fuck. I still wanna be the king of Call Of duty, the queen of being single and the goodness of rock. But let's get real here! I won't be all those things again if I stay here with this job. They will make me do things that I don't wanna, and I'll regret it. They'll make me wear a dress. They'll make me play love songs. They'll make me look and smell good. I'll lose myself.




"Ow." My hands protected my ears out of reflex but I realized it was just Veronica shouting me out of my own thoughts. Veronica frowned. "Where were you?" 

I raised one eyebrow. "Ehh.. here?" Veronica rolled her eyes. "With your thoughts?" I grinned stupidly. I don't know why I grinned though. I had no reason. "None of your business." I was still me. And I wasn't planning on losing myself. Yet. Who know what happens?

But for now, I'll have to keep an eye on myself. I won't lose myself. I promised myself. And Eric. And Veronica. Well no, I haven't promised them but I wanna stay myself for them. And if I'm so determinate to stay myself, why not keep my job?  

What's happening to me? I'm acting so weird. I'm not terrified. I'm just turning into a girl.


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