Mute || A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Sam is a tomboy. A not girly girl. She loves rock and only has boys as friends. Really, her life sucks. But that's all going to change when she's offered a new job.


5. Chapter O5||

Sometimes what we think we really want, we don't. - Ingrid Michaelson

Chapter Five||

It felt way to official. So uncomfortable. We were here, all sitting around a table. Veronica, Eric, George, PJ and me. We were in Veronica's apartment. I thought it was hilarious, the way that the boys also gagged on the sugar sweet furniture here. Ha. Ha-ha.

Anyways. We were discussing about our opportunity. This was the intermediate position:

Agree: Veronica, PJ, George

Against: Eric and me

Why? Veronica wants the money. Simon told that Rachel could come too. That would be just perfect for her. PJ? He just wanted Veronica and Rachel gone. George? He wanted to get rid of me. I guess he just wants to beat Eric on Call of Duty without me, ruining it.

And why Eric was against this plan? No idea. He knew I was against this, so I think he just wants to protect me or something. Sounds crazy, but anyways...

"Can I leave?" Rude much George? "I don't have any input in here anyways. I really don't care."

Well, George is out.


PJ spoke. Wow he spoke. Anyways, he spoke. "Why don't you go? Sam, this is huge! Think of all the money you'll get!" I rolled my eyes. "Dear PJ, I already have enough money. Getting more money won't make me any happier. This is about Veronica. She needs the money to raise your kid. She can go, but I don't have to go with her, do I? She can play with a professional guitarist! If it's necessary she can play with Dan!"

Veronica seemed surprised. "Dan can play the guitar?" I nodded. "He is the danm guitarist of that whole douche bag band!" She gasped. "No way..."

"Who's Dan?" Eric asked. It was silent for a minute. Pretty awkward. I have no idea why it was awkward. It was just awkward. Makes sense right?

"Sam," Veronica broke the silence, "why are you making such a problem out of this? Is it about that band we're touring with?" I nodded. "That's practically it. It is all that is stopping me! That horrible, stupid, simply unbearable band!" My hand formed a fist and hit the table hard, making our glasses and bottles rinkle. Mine even fell on the ground. "I won't go touring with a few boys who think that they can open their mouth and 'swoon' all those stupid dumb teenage girls with a terrible album of sappy LOVE SONGS!"

Everybody was silent, but Veronica just shook her head. "Sam Sammie Sam..." I frowned at that nickname. Sammie. Ew. "Don't call me Sammie," I growled.

"Sam," Veronica said again, "you have no idea. We are the intro of their concert! We won't ever see them, talk to them, hear them or ever have to think about them! They'll have private rehearsals,and we'll only have to do a soundcheck. We'll be in different tourbusses, hotels, we won't even meet! Sam, please come with us. It's like our own tour, except that the girls will wear shirts with One Direction on them. So Sam, please? This is our opportunity,don't ruin it! Deal?"

She stuck out her hand like I did the first night we met. We actually became friends. She's awesome. I looked at PJ, who signed at Veronica's hand, that I needed to shake it. "Deal," he whispered. That asshole must be happy to have us out of here. I looked at Eric. He simply nodded. "It'll do you good. Grab your chance, mate." I surely was gonna miss him. So much. "I'm gonna miss you dude."

I took Veronica's hand and shook it short but strong. "Deal."

We both smiled and she started clapping her hand. "I'm going to be famous!" I grinned and I grabbed my phone. I pushed the green phone thingy and waited a few second.

"Hello, this is Simon Cowell speaking."

*An hour and a hundred rules later*

"So that's really it. One last thing. Only one person can come with you. Dan told me about a Rachel?" Veronica took the phone and spoke clearly. The phone was obviously on speaker. "Yes. Rachel is a two year old girl. I need her with me on tour, I need to take care of her."

It was silent on the other end of the line. After twenty seconds he spoke again. "Rachel can't come with you."


"Rachel can't come with you two. This little girl wouldn't be good. She can't spend so much time in such a little place as a tourbus and we can't bring her backstage, she might break something. It won't be possible to grow up normally on tour. You'll be touring two years Veronica. You can't do that to her. Is there any place you can drop her, someone who will take care of her?"

Holy shit.

"He's right, Vero," Eric said. I didn't even notice him standing next to me. "Rachel can't come with you. Can't she stay at your parents' house?" Veronica swallowed and looked into my eyes desperately. I shook my head. "Rachel can't stay there. It's too far away and her parents don't even know Rachel excist." Eric nodded. "Then me and PJ will take care of Rachel."

"We will?" PJ screamed from the kitchen. "WE WILL!" I grinned stupidly at Eric and hugged him. "Thank you soooooo much!" He plased his arms on my back, hugging me tight. "Anything for you, mate." We let go of each other smiling. I took the phone from Veronica, who pulled Eric to the kitchen. She was going to give them a list of rules, I just know.

I putted the phone off-speaker and held it against my ear. "It's a deal Miss Cowell. Everything is arranged."

Simon chuckled. "That's very good to hear. We'll pick you up at one in the afternoon. See you in two days, Sam. Have a good day."

Sam grinned and hung up on him. Sam Hudson, you are going to tour with Veronica.

And One Direction.



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