Mute || A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Sam is a tomboy. A not girly girl. She loves rock and only has boys as friends. Really, her life sucks. But that's all going to change when she's offered a new job.


3. Chapter O3||

Don't apologize, I hope you choke and die. - Brand New


Chapter Three||

"Sweet Caroline?” she asked me, searching YouTube. She played it. “Urgh no!” I shouted. The lyrics were way to lovey. Ew, love.

Veronica and I were searching songs again. We’ve been doing this for days. And until now, we  have 4 songs. I went to a café two days ago and arranged that we could play 5 songs every Friday evening. Until now, we had Go your own way (Fleetwood Mac), Gold On The Ceiling (The Black Keys), Don’t stop believing (the Glee version,  but I must confess it’s pretty good) and Wake Me Up When September Ends (Green Day, yes I convinced her to do my Green Day).

I know she wanted to do a sappy love song or something, but I wouldn’t let her. No way. I sighed frustrated when she typed ‘love’ in the search bar on YouTube. “I told you, I’m not doing love songs!”  Veronica rolled her eyes. “I’m not searching ‘love’,” she said. I frowned. Ow. There was ‘locked’ instead of ‘love’. Woops. “Sorry.”

She shrugged and typed. “Locked out of Heaven.” Hmm. Instead of listening to the original version of Bruno Mars she clicked on a cover of a few guys with a guitar. I nodded. “Cool. This one it is. We got our five songs!” She clapped happily in her hands and put her arms around me. Ew. “Please let me go. I hate hugs. Don’t touch me.”

She let go of me and nodded. “If you come over on Wednesday to practice we’ll be ready for Friday.” I forced a smile and grabbed my guitar and walked out of that apartment. Fresh, non girly air!

When I walked into my apartment I saw Eric and George playing Call Of Duty and PJ was again no were to be seen. I placed my guitar on his stand and walked to the kitchen. I grabbed a beer and walked back to the boys. I plopped on the sofa and took a sip while George just blew Eric’s head off. Call of Duty.

Eric sighed and paused the game, earning himself a slap of an annoyed George. “Where have you been these days? I haven’t seen you in like, forever,” Eric told me. It’s true. He always gets home late from his work and leaves again to drink in that club of his.

“I got a job.”

They both started laughing. Like really loud. Okay, my parents were like these rich bitches, leaving me lots of money. I never worked for anything because I didn’t have to. I’m so not the working type. So laughing seemed a really normal reaction to me.

“Seriously?” George laughed. I nodded. “It’s for Veronica really. I’m helping her to get rid of PJ.” Eric seemed surprised about this. Well, I guess it is pretty shocking that I’m willing to work, for a girl. “Are you serious? Are you feeling well? You’re gonna work for Veronica? Like PJ’s girlfriend Veronica?”

Ex girlfriend,” I corrected him. “I know. I don’t know why and I don’t even want to know why, but that girl is pretty cool, I guess. She needs the money and she can’t get it without me. So yes, I’m working for Veronica. We’re gonna perform at that café next to that Forever 21 shop. Every Friday evening.”

They were both quiet, secretly glancing at each other. I rolled my eyes and hit them both. “I’m still Sam, and you two are still idiots.”
Eric grinned. I guess we all know what a grin means. “Veronica is turning Sam in a girl. Veronica is turning Sam into a skirt wearing, love talking, boy loving girl.

“You’ve got ten seconds to run.”

“Shit,” George said. They both ran out the apartment. “I GOT THE POWER” I yelled and collapsed on my bed.


*Friday evening*

“I’m so nervous. What if I choke up there? I can forget the words, my voice can crack, they can laugh at me… I don’t want to go up there!”

Veronica was being very annoying. I rolled my eyes and watched a boy playing up there. It was a black haired boy, he was also a little tanned. He had a pretty good voice and he hit the notes without even trying. Impressive. Veronica was now handing her bag to the barkeeper who nodded at her. I walked to the back of the little stage and plugged my guitar in. There was a really load, high pitched sound, making all the people groan. The boy who was singing stopped immediately, looking at me with a angry expression on his face. “Excuse me,” I said while I took his place on the stage. I didn’t really care about what people thought of me here. I’m here to play the guitar so Veronica could get some money. That’s all.

I saw Veronica pushing herself through the crowd while I started playing a few notes to check if I sounded alright. When Veronica reached the stage she climbed on and grabbed the microphone. I saw she wanted to speak and say 'goodevening' or something but I nudged her and just started playing the first song.

“Just a small town girl,” Veronica started softly. She looked down at me and I smiled encouraging. She smiled back.
“Living in a lonely world
She took the midnight train going anywhere”

*almost one hour of playing and singing at getting applause and talking a little later*

“You can go your own way” Veronica finished and bowed, thanking everybody and we both left the stage. I walked straight outside and waited there for Veronica who had to pick up her bag she left with the barkeeper. I sat down on a little bench and kept my gaze on the door. The door opened and I sighed. Finally. But instead of Veronica, a little girl who was around twelve came out. I rolled my eyes. Veronica hurry! She totally forgot the third rule.

The little girl didn’t walk to the street, but she saw me and went my way. I rolled my eyes when she was in front of me. “What do you want?” I asked her annoyed. She seemed a little shocked by the cold edge of my voice, but all I did was lighting a cigarette. I raised my eyebrows at the girl as I was practically demanding to say something or leave.

“Ehh,” the small girl started. She kinda looked like George. “I wondered if you wanted to play a song for me. You two were amazing in there; I’m a big fan already.”

At that moment, Veronica came outside. She saw me talking to this girl and ran over here. “Hi girl, what’s your name?” she asked with a honey sweet voice. The girl smiled at her and said: “Rachel.” Veronica’s face dropped. “And what do you want, Rachel?” she tried to stay polite. I chuckled softly. This was a pretty funny scene, if you ask me.

Rachel smiled. “I just told that girl that I love you two! You’re really good.” I gagged. ‘I love you two!’ Ew. I told Veronica that she wants us to play something for her. Veronica smiled. “Awh you’re a fan already? Well we’re here every Friday. What do you want us to play, darling?” I seriously wanted to puke.

“What Makes You Beautiful!” I heard that title somewhere before… IT’S A FREAKKING LOVE SONG. “No. I’m not playing that.”


“Yes you are. You are going to play that for our first fan. It’s really simple. Just E chord, A, B, B. The whole song. E, A, double B.” I rolled my eyes and played it. “Like this?” They both nodded. “Yeah that’s exactly it!” Rachel kirred. Great.

“You’re insecure, I don’t know what for
You’re turning heads when you walk through the door”

*one horrible sappy love song later*

“That’s what makes you beautiful!” Veronica finally finished and I got up. “Thank you for another horrible experience. Who is this?” Rachel pouted. “One Direction.”
I went through my knees so my eyes were on the same level. “Well Rachel, thank you for sharing One Direction with me, now I know another name I really need to avoid.”

I grabbed my guitar and walked away. Veronica said bye to Rachel and gave her a hug. “I’m sorry about her. She’s always moody.” Veronica whispered in Rachel’s ear. Veronica ran a little until she walked next to me again. “Sam! Why did you have to be so mean to that little girl?!”

I rolled my eyes. “You two made me play that stupid little love song! Rachel might be our fan or something, but that doesn’t I’m going to treat her any different. I just hate kids. I hate love and I hate not being me.”

I got into my car and Veronica grabbed her bike. “See you next week,” she murmured. “Yeah yeah,” I said and drove away from that stupid café.

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