Mute || A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Sam is a tomboy. A not girly girl. She loves rock and only has boys as friends. Really, her life sucks. But that's all going to change when she's offered a new job.


2. Chapter O2||

I want to fly. Can you take me far away. Give me a star to reach for, tell me what it takes and I'll go so high. - Macklemore


Chapter Two||

A way too happy and girly song started playing. Seriously. A doorbell song. I mentally slapped myself for letting Eric convince me to come here. After the horrible happy song ended a small, bright red haired girl opened the door. Her eyes were big for a moment, but she came back to earth quickly. Good.

“Whoa, you were not what I expected,” she stammered. What a surprise. I checked… Yes she was wearing a skirt too.
I think I might like this girl. Got the sarcasm there?  I tried to smile politely but I think it wasn’t working, according to Veronica’s face.

“You were exactly what I was expecting,” I just with a honey sweet voice said before walking into the house, pushing her aside. She narrowed her eyes and frowned a little, thinking. “I don’t know if I should take that as a compliment...” I heard her mumble. Not the smartest kind, I guess. I plopped on the couch while she got us a drink. She has water, I got a beer. Hmm.

“Good to finally meet you. Rachel always talks about you.” She does? I thought. Well, probably about how scary I am. That kid hates me. I hate kids. Makes sense right? I chuckled but asked her the obvious question. “Cut the crap. I just have to ask you: Why the hell PJ?!”

She laughed at my spontaneous question. “I know, he sucks. But he got me drunk somehow and now we have Rachel. It sucks balls really, but I need him. I can’t raise Rachel without him. Well, without his money. If I had the money it would all be solved and PJ could be out of my life forever.” She sighed at the thought of that while sipping of her cold glass water. Awh. Poor girl.


Did I just actually think that? Normally I would've just laughed at her…
Beer, laughing, hating PJ… You know, forget that sarcasm from earlier.

“Where’s Rachel anyways?” I asked her. Normally she would be running around somewhere, or trying to pull my hair out. Urgh.
Veronica raised her eyebrows. “Asleep of course. Do you actually think I’m letting you see her again? Even when I’m here too? Didn’t think so.” We looked at each other a few seconds before she bursted out laughing. Little Rachel. She must’ve had a heart attack last time I was here. Ha. Ha-ha. I’m so not laughing.
When Veronica saw I wasn’t laughing she stopped immediatly. She looked at her empty glass and stood up. “I’m getting some water. You want another beer?” She asked, while I quickly finished my first bottle. “Yeah of course.”

The doorbell was just the beginning of this candyhouse. Everything was a soft, light colour with pink details everywhere. It was clear there’s no man in the house. Nothing was dark, except maybe the TV and everything. It was so bright and antique and colourfull. Blegh. I saw that the door of Rachel's room was wide open and just a little bit light peeped in, showing Rachel's back on her bed. “Peacefully” sleeping I guess. Veronica got back with the drinks, but followed my gaze. “Oh, sorry,” she apologized and she walked to the door of Rachel’s room and closed it with her elbow. “She can’t sleep without her usual evening ritual. Watching TV, brushing teeth, singing a song and then watching her mom how she finishes her work, I guess, haha.”

Then I thought of something. “Wait, you can sing? Why don’t you perform a few songs at one of those cafés? People love those kind of things. You’ll be rich in like… three months.”

She looked at me with a sad expression on her face. “I know right? I actually already tried, but no one is letting me sing because I can’t play an instrument.”

“Ow.” I said, thinking. Why was I thinking? What was I thinking? No idea. I was just… thinking? I’m so weird. Veronica, what are you doing to my brain?! “I can play the guitar…”

She looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes I couldn’t exactly place at first. “What!?” I asked. She kinda freaked me out, being suddenly all exciting and bouncy. “You can play the guitar!” she kirred. “Yes I know that..” I said, probably sounding incredibly stupid. She was just happy and excited and everything, I mean, that’s just weird.

“Can you play with me? Well, you play, I sing!”
Ow. I get it.

Little poor Veronica wants me to help her get the money she needs to get rid of PJ. And what would I get? Just another job that won’t even pay that much, or anything at all.

“Would you do that for me? Please?” she pleaded. Would you do that for me? Would I do that for her? Why would I? Because PJ is an ass. Urgh fine! It would be a good thing for me to do, I guess. Oh great! I’m turning into a good person.

I grabbed a cigarette and lit it. She looked disgusted but her pleading eyes were still there.”A few rules,” I said. She screamed a little but nodded. “Anything you want.”

I nodded. “We pick songs. I will not do songs I don’t like. Second, I’ll get at least 25 percent of the money. Third, after a performance, we go straight home. I don’t like cafés. Deal?” I stuck out my hand. She grabbed it and shook it lightly. “Deal.”

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