This is diary about the awkwardness that school life brings


1. Teachers

Why is it at the start of school every teacher does somthing to annoy you. For example your German teacher will only speak German and tells you off when you don't do what you asked but you don't understand what they are saying. Also the awkward moment when your not having a good day and everything is going wrong for you and you stick somthing in the wrong place and they have a go at you. Why does every teacher have it in for you? Why? There is always somthing. You also always get the ones which have favourites and if you are not a favourite they act as if no one likes you. I mean is that not alegal. And to finish off you get the ones who think I will let them get on with it but when we don't understand it they get the hump. They also check your uniform every second of the day do we not have any freedom. You wonder why not many people like school. I mean of course you get the nice teachers but I never actually end having the nice ones. The teachers also wonder why no one likes them.why do teachers have to annoy you so much.and just as you think I'm having a really good day today a teacher goes and spoils your day by being stupid. I wish you could chose your teachers 

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