This is diary about the awkwardness that school life brings


3. Subjects

we all have one a subject which we love and a subject that which hate. Well it always seems that the subject(s) which you hate make your day go slower and even spoil it. It also feels like, even if the teacher is nice, you never understand anything they say or you get nervous because you have forgotten your French book I mean a subject is a subject isn't it. I know you have bad days also in the subjects you like but you always look forward to those lessons don't you. It is almost like in your head because when you get it into your head you don't like somthing even if you try it you don't. But if you think to yourself oh I'm gonna like this when you try it you do so is this just In Your head.  This can also depend on what teachers you have aswell. But one things for shore if a teacher can tell you don't like there subject they may get funny with. Imagine if you could do what ever subject you felt like at school you would feel like you we're ina totally different world.


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