This is diary about the awkwardness that school life brings


4. Sticky notes

So you no how it is when it is exam to e every teacher reminding u revision, revision, revision. So it was a normal Sunday afternoon and I had been revising for my physics test on Monday. And to help me revise i use sticky notes. And as I had been revising  all day I was very bored. So I decided to have a break still did not help. And by the evening I was so bored and I had gotten to the point where I was forgetting every think I had revised. And to top it all off there where sticky notes every where every shape, every colour,every where. So in the end I ended up covering my body in my sticky notes. I did not know what to do. I hate revising as I forget every thing I have revised. I mean and everything you revise is a waste of time as when you look at the paper nothing in your revision is on the paper you might as well not revise. What is the point? Anyway I got A so something must had worked.

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