This is diary about the awkwardness that school life brings


2. Homework

So you get to school and its your first day and you think I won't get homework today as its your first day and you don't so you think ok this is alright.      

A week later...

why do I have so much homework? I have been here a week and I need to cover 5 books do French homework and art homework and to hop it all off make a stone age Instrument for music. Why? Why would you give us hw on the first week.they wonder why we moan. Your week end is meant to be spent having fun not spent doing homework and they say to us to try and make new friends and have a social life how are we meant to do that if we have to do homework. I mean you are having a nice day and you walk into your last class English and you have a good class and just as your about to leave the teacher says oh class for your hw.... And your thinking please only be a small hw but its not  ...please can u write a story than write a paragraph on what it is about. And your thinking why do u have to spoil my day I mean really.its like they enjoy watching our faces drop. I don't have time for stupid homework I thought you were meant to do work at school but ... 

I wish homework would be banned


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