This is diary about the awkwardness that school life brings


5. Friday 13th

So it's Friday 13th and everyone believes that something is going to go wrong. But my day was going fine till I got to school when I remembered I had pe today and I had forgotten my pe kit so I had to text my mum to bring it up for me. I was very tired today so I couldn't think straight as well. So anyway at break I go and pick up my pe kit from student services. I go to my next class everything goes more or less ok. But then I have German. I can't speak German to save my life. The bell goes so off I go to lunch only to find I have left my pe kit in German. So I go and pick it up after lunch. My pe bag seems to be bring me bad luck. So next I have swimming everything's ok till I cut my knee. Then as I get changed I see my clothes are in a wet puddle and I put them on back to front. Why does Friday the 13th have it in for my. I guess I won't be looking forward to Friday the 13th again 

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