Ready to be Wild

We fear rejection, want attention, crave affection, and dream of perfection.

Lavender, a girl with the urge to be wild tugging on her heart strings.

Harry, a boy who wants a say in life.

Betrayals, heart break, forbidden love, lies, and maybe even a life lesson to be learned.

"So, are you ready for an adventure?"


2. Find Harry Styles: Check!

Chapter 1: Find Harry Styles: Check!

Taking deep breaths I tried to calm myself. 
This can't be happening! 
Can it? 
Just a few day ago I was at home leading a normal life. And now I'm.... I'm, well, stuck in a bathroom with the Harry Styles, hiding from the police. 
Harry sniggered as he watched me go into full panic mode. 
"What are we doing? Why am I here? This is all your fault!" These were just some of the things I said along with a few choice words, as I paced going into complete hysterics. 
"We'll be fine." He chuckled, I came to a halt before staring him down intently. 
"Promise?" I stuck my pinkie in the air and went wide eyed waiting for an answer. Probably looking like a lunatic but that was beyond me now, I've been acting like a lunatic the past few days anyways. 
"Promise." He nodded, wrapping his pinkie tightly around mine. 
"Good. Now how are we going to get out of here! I'm hungry!!" I whined. 
"I'll think of a way. But till then make yourself comfortable." 
He smirked. 
"Great, lovely isn't it? being stuck in a bathroom." Groaned sarcastically sitting on the counter of the sink. 
"It is when you're with me." He smirked mischievously. 
"Sure." I chaffed. 

I guess I should start from the begin, shouldn't I? 

Like all good tales it all started once upon a time... 

I would say it was a long, long time ago but in all actuality it was last week,
where are tale takes place. 

☮☮☮the week before☮☮☮

"I'll have to call you back okay? See you tomorrow!" I chirped you could hear Lola sigh on the other end of the phone. 
"Bye Lavender! Have fun well ya? Don't forget eight o clock sharp." 

"I won't forget." I chuckled. 
The phone soon disconnected.
And I was left with the sound of static ringing through my ears. 

Lola is my best friend. 
But we haven't see each other in ages considering she still lives in London and I moved to America. 
My head bobbed up and down to the beat of the song as I danced to the fridge pulling out a stick of string cheese. My second love it is. 
My first being sleep. 
But I hadn't seemed to be getting though of it lately. The reason being that:
I've been waiting for a call. 
A job so to speak. I want to be an actress but some times I settle for a music videos and such. 

I had been hoping that I get this role and it would be a dream if I did. 
But to my despair the call has yet to
come. Proving that Lavender Wellesley is a failure. 

A big fat failure.


I pulled my phone from the amp the familiar call tone rang through my house. 

"Hello?" I answered my phone hope filling my heart, maybe I did get the part. I had been dreaming about how this would happen. Accepting my first roles of many to come.

"Hello, is this Lavender Wellesley?" 
A low rumbling voice asked. 

"Yes. This is she." I answered almost in a questioning tone. 

"We have a job for you. And you have all the right qualifications. Will you take it?" 

The person asked quickly as if though he was in a hurry. 

"Depends. What's the job? and how much does it pay?" I'm not just going to accept some job I don't know anything about.

"Money is of no object miss Wellesley, how ever much you want you will get." 
My mouth dropped at the amount of money I could possibly be given. 
What could I possibly do that money is of no object? 

"You still haven't answered my first question. What is the job?" 

"Miss Wellesley, we need you to make Harry Styles fall in love with you." 

"What? Is this some kind of stupid joke? Is this Luke? God he's always doing dumb shit like this."

"No this isn't a joke Miss Wellesley. 
Look, tomorrow One Direction will be in New York. We are sending you all the details ask we speak. 
I hope you will be wise and do as you are told. If anyone, and I mean anyone. Finds out about this. Well, lets just say there will be hell to pay. We are watching you miss Wellesley. " 

And then the person hung up leaving me in complete shock. 
I had never felt like I had been so forced into something on my whole life. I didn't even feel this forced when my mother pushed me into dance school, she said and I quote "you will be a dancer I never got to be this privileged. And you will like it!"

I stared at my phone as a message flashed to the screen. 
Giving me full details as where I need to be, how I need to dress, and how I need to act. 

Why would I do this anyways? 
It's not like I want to have Harry Styles fall in love with me. 
Me of all people? Yeah because I'm so hot that he would just look at me and melt, falling to his knees begging me to date him. 


I stood at the back entrance of some hotel. Waiting for the internationally famous boy band to sneak out the back so they wouldn't be mobbed. 

A man with a black ski mask and a towering figure stood beside me as we stared at the door waiting for the handle to turn and Harry to come walking out. 

The knob began to wiggle and I looked at the man. He nodded his head and grabbed my arms softly. 
At least he wasn't really hurting me. 

"Ready?" He asked lowly. 

"As I'll ever be." I smiled, he chuckled. 
The door swung open and I let out a bellowing scream as the man you was pretending to mug me pulled me against a wall. 

"Help! Help! Help!" I screeched desperately. 

I wailed my arms and legs as I pretended to be in distress. 

Before I knew it the man who had been "mugging" me was on the ground and a blonde figure had him pinned down and throwing punches at the man. 

Soon he was unconscious which I didn't think that was apart his plan. 

"I'm so sorry." The blonde looked up at me. 

"It's... It's." I stutter slightly shocked myself this wasn't the womanizer curly haired boy. 
This was Niall. I know I'm not a fan but you have to live under a rock if you've never heard of them. 

"I believe this is yours." He said holding out my purse. 

"Yes it is. T-thank- thank you." I can't help but feel bad. This was all an act, and he just saved me. he stared at me awkwardly not really knowing what to say. I have to get to Harry, and the mugging plan wasn't working considering the fact my pretend mugger was out cold. Think Lavender, think! I summoned my inner emotion and began to cry. 

"Don't cry! It's alright." Niall said as he walked blunderingly toward me, embracing me in hug. 
I wept silently letting him sympathizes me. 
"Thank you for helping me." I smiled through some tears that still rolled down my cheek. 

"No problem." He smiled back. 

"I have to go but, we should see each other again. Here is my number. Don't be afraid to text or call. bye um...what's your name?" 


He smirked writing my number on my wrist. Suave Mr. Horan. Suave. 

"Okay." I smiled childishly. 

He winked before pushing open the door he had came through and disappearing. 

I silently left behind him watching as he walked to the fifth floor so that's they're floor. Now to find Harry's room. 

"Oi! Mate I've got something to tell ya!" Niall called as he opened the door to the fifth level entry. 

The door closed quietly and I waited till the muffled voices faded. 

Sneaking along the red carpeted hall I listened quietly for any one coming. 

I heard a heavy sigh and a door open. 
My head peeked around the corner. By no Harry just a boy. Shirtless I mite add. opening the door to his room. Liam I think his name is. 

(ahh the feels!! Liam shirtless coming back from working out! And it's his birth day!! Happy brith day my little Liam <3) 

He walked into his room leaving me still searching for this curly haired boy who's seemed to be M.I.A. 

"Zayn, you announced you're engaged fans are upset but still happy for you! Trust me." A British accent was heard from the hall down. 


I rushed down the hall and took a sharp corner the other way. 

"Alright, But I just can't help but feel they hate me now." 
The one named Zayn I believe sighed. 

"Nahh! No matter how much our fans say they are mad at us, we all know they can't stay mad forever." Louis reassured. 

(Sorry the only conversation I could think that they would be having! Love ya ZERRIE and congrats xoxox) 

"Thanks Lou." Zayn smiled before going into his hotel room. 

Lou took off to the down the hall to god knows where. 

"Where is he?" I mumbled desperately under my breath.

"Where is who?" 

My eyes widened as I turned to face the boy who I had been looking for all along. 

"Um... No one." I smiled batting my eyes innocently. 

"Great! Not another fan! Why can't you leave us alone?" Harry sighed running his hands I his puffed curls. 

"I guess I'll have to call security. Again." He said pulling his phone from his back pocket. 

"No. No. No. Please!" I shouted, grabbing at his phone. 

"Why shouldn't I?" He asked raising an eyebrow putting the phone to his ear. 

"Because! Because...." Come on Lavender! Give him a reason why he shouldn't. 
In my mind there were about zero reasons. Thank you imagination for being useless in times of desperate measures. 

The first thing that came to mind I blurted out, seeing as me taking to long would seem suspicious. 

"Because I need you help. There is this guy looking for me. 
He tried to kidnap me and now I have to hide." 
I lied. 
And I feel bad about it but I need to get him to like me!
And looking like a psycho fan you sneaked in to there hotel wasn't very attractive sounding. 

"And why should I believe you?" He said pulling the phone to his ear once more. 

"Do I look like I'm lying?" I put on my sincerest face and batted my eyelashes. 

"No..." He grumbled pressing the end button on the call. 
I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. 

I heard a grunt and a door open the so called "mugger" well kidnapper as of five minutes ago came into view rubbing the back of his head. He looked awful! 

"That's him! You have to help me." Pleaded looking into Harry's eyes. 

He sighed and pulled me into a room. 

"Thank you!" I smiled wrapping him in a hug. 

"Now don't mess up anything! got it! I have to go. If you even think about telling people that you're in my hotel room think again." He squinted his eyes narrowing them at
Me as he walked out of the room looking back around one last time giving me a warning glare. 

I chuckled and plopped down on his bed. 

Find Harry Styles: check! 

Make him fall in live with you: eh not so much. 

Now to find a way to make Harry Styles love me. 

Ha! Never imagined myself saying that.



Hi!! i'm Ruby! this is the forst chapter and most lf the time a test to see if the book is worth it. And trust me It will get better. 
With every book there must be a beginning and this is mine! 
This is going to be a series just letting you know I already have about to books I'm planning on doing. 
Another Harry One Direction and one Niall and maybe another Niall if I get some good feed back! 
I hope you like it!! Check out my other book called animal it's a Niall fanfic. 

love, peace, hair grease <3 vote, comment, and spread the love! don't stop believing! Skittles!!! <3

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